Study abroad with HLAS

Third-year abroad

Students have the opportunity to study during their third year at a Spanish-speaking University. In addition to studying Spanish language, literature and culture, students may also take courses in Business, the Humanities, the Social Sciences and other areas. Students must apply in their second year and have credit in SPAN 1F90. In conjunction with programs offered by the International Services and Programs Abroad Office.

Study in Latin America, Spain and Portugal (or other Spanish/Portuguese speaking country)

Students should consult with the Department about other opportunities for intensive study abroad courses at different levels in Portugal, Spain or Latin America.

One-month study abroad

To enhance language skills and knowledge of culture, this program offers students an opportunity to study for a month in the summer in Latin America, Portugal or Spain.

Participants may earn a credit in Portuguese or Spanish language from beginner to advanced as appropriate as well as one-half credit from SPAN 2V90-2V99.