Brock University Project Charter

Brock Tower and cherry blossoms.

The Charter with Facilities Management partnership bridged the operating and academic constituents concerned with Sustainability at Brock. It provided real benefits to the Brock University community by leveraging the resources, capacities, and talents of both internal units to address environmental sustainability issues and initiatives on campus.

Sustainability at Brock

Visit the Sustainability at Brock website to learn more about ongoing sustainability initiatives at Brock University.

The Brock University Project Charter was initially set to last five years. Among some of the more specific targets the two sides worked toward were:

  • Conduct a needs assessment within the first year of operation, which identifies priorities, proposed activities and objectives to be achieved with the first five years
  • Hold public events each year pertaining to knowledge mobilization and/or community engagement
  • Engage graduate and undergraduate students in campus sustainability issues and initiatives through co-operative education, course projects, and independent research (i.e. MRP/thesis); initiate research projects by Faculty
  • Explore and pursue mutually beneficial opportunities of shared interest such as grant proposals, community forums, etc.
  • Promote Sustainability at Brock within the greater Brock University community and develop networks locally, nationally and internationally

Past Team Members

Current Master of Sustainability candidate (Fall 2021) under the supervision of Dr. Jessica Blythe.

Madison holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from Brock University. Her research interests revolve around climate change adaptation and resilience in social-ecological systems.

Photo of Amanda Smits

Centre Administrator, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
Brock University Project Charter Staff Co-Leader

MEd, Brock University (Administration & Leadership)
BA, Wilfrid Laurier University (Political Science & Business Administration)

Amanda completed a Master of Education in the Administration and Leadership stream at Brock in 2017, where her research focused mainly on post-secondary sustainability policies in practice. Amanda now acts as project manager on multiple innovative community partnerships for the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC). She is interested in creating community connections through the ESRC and believes that partnerships, such as Brock University Project Charter, allow the ESRC to leverage resources and talent with key partners and stakeholders, to build community capacity through evidence-based decision making processes. Amanda was awarded with the Faculty of Social Sciences Staff Student Experience Award in Fall 2021 and was the 2019 recipient of FOSS’s Staff Award for Community Engagement.

Photo of Mary Quintana

Director, Asset Management & Utilities
Brock University Project Charter Co-Leader

Bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and a Masters degree (Technology Management), both from the Tecnologico de Monterrey Institute
Masters of Environment and Sustainability, Western University

Mary is also Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional by the Association of Energy Engineers and a LEED Green Associate. Mary’s professional experience includes research and development for biomedical technologies, mostly on early cancer detection systems. She has conducted strategic business consulting with focus on innovation and technology management for competitive advantage in small and medium enterprises. Since 2010, Mary has worked in facilities management in the university sector, where she has managed green building portfolios and worked on a variety of energy-related projects and initiatives (e.g., energy audits, project management). For the last decade, Mary has been actively involved in the different facets of carbon management and reduction, experience she is now incorporating into asset management and strategic planning.

Current Master of Sustainability candidate under the supervision of Dr. Marilyne Jollineau.

Kassie has a BSc. in Biological Sciences from Brock University. Her research will look at aquatic ecosystems and how they contribute to building sustainable communities.

Current Master of Sustainability student (Fall 2022) under the supervision of Dr. Todd Green.

Sanjida completed her Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) and Master of Business administration (MBA) from Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka. Her research interests include ecological awareness and behaviour, sustainable consumption and sustainable service management particularly in the area of Business and Marketing. Sanjida desires to contribute to solve real world resource management problems and to increase the sustainability of healthy ecosystems through her academic enhancement and research agenda.

Current Masters of Environment and Sustainability candidate at Western University

Elenore graduated from the University of Toronto with a BSc (Hons.) in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. She is interested in strategic environmental planning and sustainability with regards to the operations aspect of an organization. Eleanor is excited about the opportunity to help complete the STARS program, and to promote sustainability initiatives and practices at Brock University.


Master of Sustainability, Brock University

Meredith completed her BSc in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in biology from the University of Calgary. She worked as an Environmental Scientist at a consulting firm in Calgary, Alberta for five years before moving to St. Catharines. Meredith is excited about the opportunity to increase communications of sustainability initiatives at Brock University and help create measurable, achievable sustainability goals for the Brock campus through the Brock University Project Charter.

Shanen D'Souza


Current Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op student at the Goodman School of Business

Shanen is a fourth year business student, working as a Communications Assistant for the ESRC. She is interested in strategic planning and management, and looking to find new, innovative ways to contribute to Environmental Sustainability on a personal level,  as well as collectively for the Brock community.

Jasper Fisher is undergoing his third year of a Psychology/Neuroscience Bachelor’s degree with a minor in Gender Studies, and is a Co-op student with the ESRC. His main research interests are in the fields of behavioural and environmental neuroscience, as well as neuroendocrinology focussing on psychological gendered behaviours and mental illness. His interest in environmental neuroscience led him to an involvement with the ESRC, through which sustainability can be studied through a transdisciplinary lens.

Erica Harper

Current Master of Sustainability student (Fall 2019) under the supervision of Todd Green.

Erica graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2018 with a BBA in marketing and a minor in Spanish. She is interested in corporate social responsibility and its influence on consumer behaviour. Erica looks forward to promoting sustainability at Brock through social media and innovative events on campus.

Kaitlin James


Current Bachelor of Public Health candidate with a minor in Environmental Sustainability at Brock University

Kaitlin will be in her fourth and final year of her Bachelor of Public Health degree in the fall. Kaitlin is interested in the intersection between global health and the environment, and the impact human activity can have towards environmental and health outcomes. She is excited to be joining the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre as a Communications Assistant this summer, to help drive movement towards a more sustainable Brock.

Nolan Kelly

Current Master of Sustainability student (Fall 2019) under the supervision of Jessica Blythe.

Nolan graduated from Brock University in 2019 with a degree in Sport Management and minor in Environmental Sustainability. He is interested in how sports interact with the environment and the ways in which sports can transition towards sustainability. Nolan is looking forward to working on the Brock University Project Charter and promoting sustainability initiatives across the Brock campus.

Shelby McFadden


Incoming Master of Sustainability student (Fall 2018) under the supervision of Ryan Plummer.

Shelby completed her BAS in Arts and Sciences, with minors in political studies and environmental science from Trent University. Shelby is excited to be joining the ESRC for the summer as the Special Projects Assistant. She is looking forward to working towards positive, meaningful change on campus through the Brock University Project Charter.

Current Master of Sustainability candidate (Fall 2020) under the supervision of Dr. Jessica Blythe

Mikellena Nettos completed her undergraduate degree in Medical Sciences (Honours) with a minor in environmental sustainability and a minor in dramatic arts. She believes the Charter with Facilities Management is a great opportunity because it allows her to enact change towards sustainable practices on a University level and she looks forward to working towards these goals with her colleagues.

Noah Nickel

Current Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Political Science Co-op Student

Noah is a third-year political science student, working as a Communications and Events Assistant for the ESRC. He is interested in increasing community awareness of and engagement with Environmental Sustainability, both on a collective and personal level.

Connor Thompson


Master of Sustainability, Brock University

Connor graduated from Western University with a BA (Hons.) in Political Science. He is interested in the attitude-behaviour gap in pro-environmental behaviour both on campus and abroad. Connor is working with the ESRC on the Brock University Project Charter, helping to promote our social media accounts and create new ideas for sustainability efforts on campus.

Current Master of Sustainability Candidate (Fall 2020) under the supervision of Dr. Gary Pickering

Shannon holds an Honours BA in Psychology from Brock University. She is currently working towards her thesis with Dr. Gary Pickering and is interested in psychological barriers towards climate change mitigation.

Current Master of Sustainability student (Fall 2021) under the supervision of Dr. Todd Green.

Alexandra completed her BA (Honours) in Professional Communication with a Minor in Public Relations at Ryerson University. She is interested in the role of communication in environmental sustainability. Alexandra is excited to work on the Brock University Project Charter and promote the university’s sustainability initiatives to the Brock community and beyond.

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