Minor in Sustainability

The Minor in Environmental Sustainability compliments any Major given its interdisciplinary approach, and adds an important and relevant dimension to your area of study.

Offering online classes in spring and summer 2019 (ENSU 2P01 & 2P02), check out the undergraduate timetable for more information on course availability.

Why study environmental sustainability?

Environmental Sustainability is a relatively new discipline that combines economics, social and environmental sciences. It seeks to protect the natural environment and ecological health, while maintaining or improving the quality of human life through development.

Society faces many complex issues such as climate change, resource depletion, and pollution that require integrated, innovative solutions and the consideration of multiple perspectives. Studying environmental sustainability provides an opportunity to develop environmental awareness and fundamental skills that today’s employers seek and society needs.

Why get a minor in environmental sustainability?

With a Minor in Environmental Sustainability, you will gain core skills necessary for problem-solving in the modern world as businesses and governments adhere to new environmental legislation, and society adapts to a changing world. You will have the opportunity to study sustainability issues from a transdisciplinary perspective, thinking outside the traditional boundaries of your discipline, and gain practical insight into how Canada and the world is moving forward to address these issues.

How do I get a minor in environmental sustainability?

Students in any discipline may obtain a Minor in Environmental Sustainability within their degree program by completing the following courses with a minimum 60 percent overall average:

  • ENSU 2P01: Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
  • ENSU 2P02: Environmental Sustainability in Practice
  • ENSU 3P90: Contemporary Environmental Issues
  • Any 2.5 credits from an approved list of courses in many disciplines (course list is available in the University Calendar)

Students can declare a minor by completing the following application form and submitting a hardcopy to the Registrar’s Office.


Students are not permitted to use their major credits towards the ENSU minor, as outlined in the Academic Regulations and University Policies (https://brocku.ca/webcal/current/undergrad/areg.html): “Students wishing to obtain a minor, within a degree program, may not use the same course(s) to satisfy both the major requirement and the minor requirement.”