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Summer 2019 Job Opportunities

The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) is a transformative and creative transdisciplinary community dedicated to research and education advancing environmental sustainability locally and globally. Brock University is uniquely located on the Niagara Escarpment, which was formally and internationally recognized in 1990 with the designation of the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO).

The ESRC and Facilities Management at Brock have identified a shared interest in collaborating on projects of mutual benefit with a focus on environmental sustainability at Brock University. The entities have established a vibrant cooperative partnership with an initial five-year program of operations. The exciting initiative importantly establishes an initial bridge between the operating and academic constituents concerned with Sustainability at Brock.

assistant sustainability officer, Campus Sustainability

The Special Projects Assistant will assist with creation of a campus-wide sustainability plan by interacting and communicating with individuals from diverse backgrounds across campus. Responsibilities may include interviewing stakeholders, the creation of survey tools, etc.

Communications Assistant, Campus Sustainability

The main tasks include the development of a communications plan in regards to campus sustainability initiatives taking place in and around Brock University. This position will be required to reach out to individuals across campus to develop a comprehensive annual communications plan focused on Sustainability at Brock.