Whiteboard Talks

Watch ESRC members talk about their research, and sustainability topics in our Whiteboard Seminars!

What are Whiteboard Talks (Seminars)?

Using only a whiteboard and markers, researchers complete a short (seven minutes or less), informal presentation on a research topic, concept, theory, etc.

ESRC Whiteboard Seminar Series

By: alison feist

In this whiteboard seminar Alison, Master of Sustainability candidate, discusses the importance of collaboration in solving environmental problems.

"Collaboration in Environment and Resource Management"

By: Micaela trimble

In this whiteboard seminar Micaela discusses the importance of citizen deliberation in regards to water issues.

"Citizen Deliberation About Water"

By: Liette Vasseur

In this whiteboard seminar Liette discusses the importance of taking an ecosystem-based approach to adaptation. For more information on this topic, visit: IUCN’s page on Ecosystem-based Adaptation.

"Ecosystem-based Adaptation"

By: Kerrie Pickering

In this whiteboard seminar, Kerrie discusses how pharmaceuticals end up in source waters, and what we can do to prevent it. For more information on this topic, visit: http://greenhealthglobal.com.

"Pharmaceuticals in our tap water"