Tips for a Sustainable Summer

Blog Contributor: Mikellena Nettos

Summer is finally just around the corner – longer days, shorter nights, and colder drinks! As you enjoy your time off, we wanted to share some helpful tips on how to have a more sustainable summer: 

  1. Take advantage of natural light – turn the lights off during the day and open the curtains! 
  2. Whenever possible, turn off the AC and open the windows to get some fresh air. 
  3. Challenge yourself to grow your own food! There are many online guides to assist in this rewarding practice. 
  4. Go to your local farmers market for produce instead of larger chain grocery stores (**Make sure to check your local COVID-19 guidelines**) 
  5. If you need to go somewhere, opt for walking or riding your bike instead of driving and take advantage of the nice weather – don’t forget your mask! 
  6. Instead of using a dryer – line dry your clothes in the sun. 
  7. When using sunscreen, opt for non-toxic sunscreen – better for your skin and the planet! 
  8. Make sure to use a reusable bottle when staying hydrated. 
  9. Want to grill your food? Opt for a propane gas grill, which burns cleaner than charcoal.  
  10. Plant a tree on your property – future summers will be a lot cooler with the nice shade it will provide!  

Make sure to check and follow your local COVID-19 guidelines while enjoying the weather this summer. If you adopt some of these sustainable practices, make sure to tell your friends and family as it could influence them to have a more sustainable summer as well.  

Have a safe, fun, and sustainable summer, Badgers!  

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