Sustainable Transportation Options


Our campus sure is beautiful and many students, staff and faculty choose to bike to school or work. If you’re thinking about getting a workout in on your way to campus, we have over 30 bike racks on the main and east campus that you are more than welcome to use in order to safely secure your bike. Check out this Brock News story to learn more about bike lanes that lead right into the university.

If you want to find out more about bike routes in the Niagara Region, and the future of biking in Niagara, then you can check out the region’s Strategic Cycling Network Plan.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Brock University has three electric vehicle chargers (EVCs) across campus and the first one was installed in 2013.

Where can I charge my electric car?

The first charging station is located in front of the main entrance of the International Building on Brock’s east campus on Norman Road. This was partially gifted to the University by Sun Country Highway. In 2016, two additional stations were added. One is located at the Central Utilities Building, and the other in Lot H behind Schmon Tower.

Sun Country has an interactive EVC map on its site that drivers can use to plot their emissions-free routes across the country.

The Brock EVCs are a 90 Amp unit that provides up to 90 kms of travel on a one-hour charge on select e-vehicles. The indicator light on the unit indicates the status of the charge – red means fully charged; green indicates that charging is in progress.


Users must have the appropriate license plate on their electric vehicle in order to use the parking spot to charge up. Brock permit holders can use EVCs at no additional fee. Please move your car as soon as it is charged to allow others to use it.

Non-permit holders can purchase parking at the nearby pay and display machine ($3.50/hour) for the duration of the time required to charge their vehicle. The valid pay receipt must be displayed on the dash of your car face up, and must be valid for the duration of the time you are charging your vehicle.

This space should not be used for loading/unloading or as a passenger pick-up or drop-off area. Unauthorized vehicles parked in the EVC Stations risk being ticketed and/or towed.