Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Brock University has 22 ports across 13 stations around campus for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs) to charge their battery while parked. These ports take electricity from Brock’s nearby buildings and supply it to the vehicle at a fee. The first electric vehicle charger (EVC) was installed on campus in 2013.

Where can I charge my electric car?

There are two types of stations across campus, named to distinguish between the electricity they can supply per hour. There are nine Level 2 chargers which can supply up to 9.5kW. There are four Level 3 chargers which can supply up to 200kW.

The Charging Stations are in the following lots with their port type:

  • Flora Egerter Way (Two ports, Level 2)
  • Lot C (Two ports, Level 2)
  • Lot EA (Three ports, two Level 2, one Level 3)
  • Lot P (Four ports, Level 2)
  • University Rd E, Cairns Layby (Three ports, Level 3)
  • Zone 3 (Eight ports, Level 2)

The charging station located in front of the main entrance of the International Building on Brock’s east campus on Norman Road was partially gifted to the University by Sun Country Highway. Sun Country has an interactive EVC map on its site that drivers can use to plot their emissions-free routes across the country.

Using the space

Any compatible PHEV or EV can use these stations if they have validated parking. The owner of the vehicle can a Brock student, staff member, community member, or just visiting Brock to use the station!

All charging spaces are subject to Brock’s Parking Rules & Regulations and must validate their parking with a form of payment accepted in that lot or with any active Brock-issued permit.

The costs associated with charging are as follows:

Level 2 Chargers:

  • $3.00/h after* first 30 minutes

Level 3 Chargers:

  • $10.00/hour* after first 30 minutes

*Please note, these fees will continue to accumulate after the battery is fully charged and will only stop when the session concludes (the vehicle is unplugged).

NEW FOR 2022! From May 1st until August 31st, drivers of electric vehicles can park and charge for free at any of the University’s ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Any vehicle parked in the charging spaces without being plugged in will receive a fine, regardless of it being an electric, plug-in hybrid, or internal combustion engine vehicle. Fines will also be issued if the vehicle charging has not validated their parking.

For more information on ways you can get to campus sustainably, visit our Sustainable Transportation Options page.