Water Bottle Refill Stations

The installation of water bottle filling stations across campus initially began as a partnership between Brock University’s Students’ Union and administration with the goal of installing 8 units across campus in 2013. As of May 2022, Brock currently has 44 refill stations across campus and is looking to install more!

How do I use the water bottle filling station?

It’s as easy as investing in a reusable water bottle and filling it at any of the 44 water bottle refill stations on campus, many of the stations can be found on the Interactive Campus Map.

These 44 stations are all across the main Brock campus, as well as the Hamilton campus, and the Marilyn I Walker School for the Performing Arts (MIWSFPA). All of the additional installations have been achieved as a result of new constructions builds (MIWSFPA & Cairns Building), in partnership with Brock Sports and through the Facilities Management operating budget.

These stations draw from the school’s municipal water source and use basic filters like the ones already being used in water fountains around campus. Depending on use, filters in these new units are changed approximately twice a year.

The new filling stations feature a “green ticker” that tracks usage and displays the number of bottles saved.

Here are some stats on the bottles diverted from landfill by utilizing the filling stations across campus:

2014/15 - 642,469 bottles filled
2015/16 - 664,934 bottles filled
2016/17 - 813,906 bottles filled
2017/18 - 930,343 bottles filled
2018/19 - 996,276 bottles filled
2019/20 - 880,967 bottles filled
2020/21 - 245,281 bottles filled
TOTAL - 5,147,176 bottles filled

Water bottle filling station locations on campus: