Brock University is committed to the protection of the environment, the health of the broader community and the well being of future generations.

Sustainability is a core value at Brock. It is one of the seven pillars of the University’s Institutional Strategic Plan, which informs and strengthens the institution’s actions. We ensure sustainability through an appropriate balance of resources and activity.

In setting our goals, we evaluate their impact on our human, financial and environmental resources to ensure that the outcomes will not only be sustainable but will also form a solid academic foundation for our future scholarly endeavours.

We are committed to sustainability in human, financial and environmental contexts.

Our campus is one of only a few Canadian universities to be located within a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. This privileged location atop the Niagara Escarpment provides our institution with a unique mandate to pursue sustainability in everything we do.

Creating a sustainable university requires the co-operation and dedication of faculty, staff, students, partners and the wider community working collaboratively.

Brock’s Sustainability Policy draws from Niagara’s vision for a sustainable future, our COU pledge to help foster sustainable environments at universities in Ontario, and the main characteristics of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.