Seed Library

The Brock University Seed Library has officially launched! Find us in the James A. Gibson Library.

The Brock University Seed Library offers free seeds to staff, students, and community members to “borrow” and plant in their home gardens between March and October each year. The cycle functions like a library where participants can borrow and return seeds free of cost. The goal of this Seed Library is to protect genetic diversity in our food system and promote public access to seeds.

In recent decades, significant declines in pollinator populations have been noted around the world. As pollinator populations are threatened, so too are the food and plants we enjoy, as well as the wild ecosystems that depend on these pollinators. We hope this Seed Library will contribute to increasing pollinator numbers in the Niagara Region and encourage community members to grow their own food.

The Brock University Seed Library functions as a partnership between the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, Facilities Management, and the James A. Gibson Library. This Seed Library has been made possible thanks to World Wildlife Fund-Canada’s Go Wild School Grant.

How to access the seed library @ Brock

  • Visit the “Ask Us” desk in the James A. Gibson Library.
  • Check out the Seed Guide available at the “Ask Us” desk (or via the linked images below) to see what seeds are available.
  • Choose up to 5 packets of seeds (per person, per day).
  • Consult the instructions in the Seed Guide and on the seed packet you’re given for growing and seed saving instructions.
  • Plant and grow your seeds.
  • If you’re able to harvest seeds and return them, we would be very grateful! Please put your saved seeds in a dated and labeled envelope and return them to the James A. Gibson Library.

Seed Availability, Planting, and Growing Instructions

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