Update to the Niagara Region Garbage Retrieval Schedule 

Blog Contributor: Mikellena Nettos

In case you missed itNiagara Region will be updating their garbage retrieval schedule effective October 19th, 2020. Instead of putting your garbage out once per week, you will now only be able to set out two bags or cans once every other week. The region will still collect recycling bins and compost bins weekly, which allows people to shift their waste towards recycling and compost bins instead of the garbageAccording to the regional website, more than half of the average garbage bag in Niagara contains materials that could have been recycled or composted.  

What can you do to reduce your waste?  

  • Order less take out. Most containers and plastic bags used to deliver food end up in the garbage instead of being properly disposed of. 
  • Make sure to rinse recyclable materials before placing them in the bin. Did you know that greasestained carboard goes into the compost, not the recycling bin? 
  • Know which bin it belongs in – if you are unsure which bin an item belongs in click here  
  • Put all food waste in the compost to avoid rotting garbage. No one wants to deal with smelly garbage for two weeks. 
  • Follow zero waste pages on Instagram or twitter for helpful tips! 

Additionally, here is a link to a previous post that shares tips on how to “Recycle Like a Pro” in Niagara.  

Do the right thing – reduce, reuse, and recycle.  

Together we can make the world a cleaner place.