The Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) is dedicated to offering innovative support services to the grape and wine community.

Whether it be industry sponsored conferences, workshops, lecture series or analytical services, CCOVI advances technology and knowledge transfer throughout the industry. In consultation with the industry, the institute is continually developing new outreach programs. CCOVI’s outreach services are pivotal in helping with the growth and sustainability of the grape and wine industry.

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Industry Services

CCOVI offers a variety of standard analytical services to the grape and wine industry.

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Provides grape growers with comparative levels of bud hardiness for cultivars at different locations throughout the dormant period, which assists grape growers in managing winter injury.

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In collaboration with the Grape Growers of Ontario, CCOVI samples and tests grape clusters leading up to the commercial harvest to track the development of the fruit composition of key grape varieties across the region.

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