CCOVI VIDEOS – 2020 Niagara Grape & Wine Festival

As part of the 2020 Niagara Grape & Wine Festival, Brock University alumni working in the wine industry will be featured throughout the livestream of the Centre Stage Saturdays concert from 6 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, September 19.

View their video shout-outs below!


Richie Roberts (BSc ’04) (OEVI)

Fielding Estate Winery

Jessica Wallace (OEVC ’08)

Lakeview Wine Co.

Emma Garner (BSc ’04) (OEVI)

Thirty Bench Wine Makers

Jason Roller (BSc ’04) (OEVI)

Peller Estates

Mitchell McCurdy (BSc ’18) (OEVI)

Marynissen Estates

Angela Kasimos (OEVC ’06) (OEVI)

Hernder Estate Wines

Alex Kolundzic (BSc ’04) (Biotechnology)

Pillitteri Estates Winery

Eric Pearson (BSc ’04) (Biology/Chemistry)

Konzelmann Estate Winery

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