Our knowledge mobilization

As an industry-driven research institute, CCOVI is committed to ensuring that research findings and best practices are shared with interested stakeholders locally, nationally and around the world.

To learn about our research and outreach activities, visit the areas of our website highlighted below:

Research translation tools:

VineAlert tracks grapevine cold hardiness over the dormant season from October to April. VineAlert data can help growers determine when proactive actions such as the use of wind machines are warranted to protect grapevines. When cold events occur, the program sends alerts to over 200 registered users. View the VineAlert website here.

CCOVI’s Preharvest Monitoring tracks the maturity of grapes across the Niagara Peninsula from veraison to harvest, measuring key ripeness indicators. The program’s data is presented on an interactive website that allows users to compare sites and vintages. Click here to view the preharvest monitoring program’s website.


CCOVI’s annual lecture series provides the opportunity for the industry to hear directly from researchers the latest findings and developments in their field. The lectures are livestreamed for viewers outside of Niagara and are video archived on YouTube.
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As part of our mission of providing timely information to the grape and wine industry, we host experts on current topics relevant to the industry.

Research communication

One of the ways our researchers communicate their research to stakeholders is through our research briefs. These communication pieces allow stakeholders to understand research findings quickly and learn how they are relevant to their operation.

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The CCOVI News is a quarterly publication updating stakeholders on current research findings and CCOVI events.

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Workshops and events

In 2013, Brock University hosted the Academy of Wine Business Research’s annual conference. The event brought together international experts in wine business to discuss recent findings and trends with each other and the local industry. More details are available here.

Each year, CCOVI hosts the educational session of the Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration’s (i4C) program. This session addresses current issues in Chardonnay production. More information on this event can be found here.

CCOVI has created a network of sparkling winemakers in Ontario called Fizz Club. The group meets to discuss the latest developments in sparkling wine research and share knowledge and experiences.

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To address an industry need for a more technical understanding of sparkling wine production, CCOVI recently organized the first Ontario Sparkling Wine Technical Symposium. The symposium brought together international experts and winemakers from across North America to discuss sparkling wine production issues.

Hosted every other year, the Riesling Experience showcases the quality of Ontario’s VQA Riesling wine. The conference brings in international experts to discuss current topics in Riesling production. Details on the event can be found here.

The Triggs Lecture showcases world leaders in the production of premium vinifera grapes. CCOVI presents the lecture series every other year in both Ontario and British Columbia.

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