CCOVI advances the interests of the grape and wine industry by investing time and resources on its research priorities.

Much of this work is based in two state-of-the-art research facilities:

Inniskillin Hall
Focusing on research in oenology and viticulture and includes the teaching winery, viticulture, oenology and sensory science laboratories.

Consumer Research Laboratory
Dedicated to consumer behaviour and wine marketing research.

CCOVI’s main research programs in viticulture, oenology and wine business include:

  • Multicoloured Asian Lady Beetle (MALB)
  • Grapevine winter injury
  • Quality crop improvement through GPS/GIS technologies
  • Controlling sour rot infections in vineyard (identifying causal agents and developing control strategies)
  • Icewine production and authentication
  • Improving winery operations (yeasts, nutrient development)
  • Sparkling wine production
  • Resveratrol and the Ontario wine industry
  • Influence of wine composition, processing and individual variation in perception of wine flavour and quality
  • Sensory and consumer science as applied to increasing wine sales
  • Strategies to increase the market share of Ontario wines through a strong brand identity