Facility Accessibility Design Standards (FADS)

The second part of the accessibility strategy to prevent and remove architectural barriers is the adoption (June 2009) of Brock University Facility Accessibility Design Standards (FADS) in all newly constructed and/or renovated Brock owned, leased or operated facilities.

Brock FADS address the needs of persons with disabilities in a post-secondary setting and include areas of access and circulation, washroom facilities, amenities, systems, and controls and facility specific requirements — including library and teaching spaces.

FADS incorporate the principles of “universal design”. Universal design recognizes the broad diversity of people who use facilities, and promotes the design of environments that may be used by all people, without the need for adaption or specialized design if at all possible.

At Brock we strive to “integrate universal design to ensure that all buildings are accessible to all people including those with disabilities” (Section 5.2.14 Urban Design and Architecture – Shaping Our Future A Guide to the Planning, Design and Architecture of the Natural and Built Environments April 2007).

For further information about the Brock FADS, please contact Janet Muenzberger, Project Manager,  Campus Planning, Design and Construction, Facilities Management jmuenzberger@brocku.ca or 905 688 5550 x5017.