Racial Injustice

The Department of Human Rights and Equity is here to stand by you if you’ve experienced, witnessed, or want to understand more about racial injustice.

Feel free to explore our resource page to begin your journey. If you require assistance or guidance in utilizing these resources, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Anti-Racism and Inclusion Advisor at antiracism@brocku.ca.

What is Racial Injustice?

Racial injustice is the result of complex systems that work to discriminate against communities and individuals based on race. Dismantling systems that cause racial injustice begins with learning about them, understanding how they affect racialized communities, and offering support to those affected by racial injustice.

Resources and Supports

Dive into our comprehensive range of resources and supports tailored to address issues of racial injustice.

I Need To…


Explore BIPOC Self-Care Resources. Find support and tools to help you navigate challenges and prioritize your well-being.

Get Support

Check in on your mental health. Reach out and connect with someone to check in on your mental health. It’s okay to ask for support and talk about how you’re feeling.

Learn and Educate

Empower yourself and others by learning and educating about the roots and impacts of racial injustice.

Be an Active Ally

Becoming an ally is key to dismantling racial injustice. It means actively supporting marginalized communities and using your privilege to advocate for change.

Take Action

Ready to make a difference? Start by learning, listening, and speaking up against racial injustice. Your actions matter!