Accessible Services

Discover how we’re making Brock accessible for everyone!

Find resources, support, and information on accessibility here. Whether you’re a student, faculty, staff, or visitor, we’re here to ensure you have what you need to thrive!

Support Services

If you need guidance on accommodations, advocacy, or navigating accessibility challenges on campus. Please email, or visit the disclosure and feedback pages mentioned below.

Make a Complaint

If you would like to make a complaint or disclosure connected to accessibility, please visit our Disclosure page and submit a form.

Provide Feedback

Your comments help us improve our services and ensure we’re meeting your needs effectively. Submit a feedback form to our office!

Accommodations and Communication

Learn about our accommodations services designed to make your experience at Brock University accessible and inclusive by visiting our Information and Communication Accommodations page. These services are available to students, employees and visitors.

HRE can help with: 

  • Tailoring accommodations to meet your specific needs
  • Providing consultations on communication strategies
  • Offering guidance on sign language interpreting and assistive technology support


Teaching and Learning

Explore our accessible teaching and learning resources, tailored to support diverse learning styles and needs by visiting our Accessible Teaching and Learning page.

HRE can help with:

  • Inclusive course design to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs
  • Advising on assistive technologies in the classroom
  • Advising on classroom design standards
  • Reviewing documents and lesson materials to ensure they are accessible to accommodate different learning preferences

Request a Training

To request accessibility training, please fill out our training request form.


Discover our accessible employment resources designed to ensure equal opportunities for all members of the Brock University community by visiting our Accessible Employment page.

HRE can help with:

  • Creating inclusive and accessible hiring practices for departments
  • Workplace accommodations for staff and faculty members
  • Provide tailored accessibility training


Accessibility Policy

Our policy ensures that all members of the Brock University community have equitable access to our facilities, programs, and services. We are committed to removing barriers and promoting inclusivity for individuals of all abilities, in alignment with legal requirements and best practices in accessibility.

Read Brock’s Accessibility Policy here.

Service Animals on Campus

Learn about our policies and support for service animals by visiting our Service Animals on Campus page. We recognize the importance of these animals in providing assistance to individuals with disabilities and are committed to ensuring their full inclusion and accommodation within our community.


Explore resources for accessibility at Brock University by visiting our Resource page.