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Human Rights and Equity welcomes all Brock community members to visit the office to learn more about our services, understand how you can take responsibility to create and maintain a respectful work and learning environment that is free of hate, harassment, and discrimination and that celebrates inclusivity.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our staff with your question, or fill out the form below.

Leela MadhavaRau

905 688 5550 x4859
MC E Block 206
She/Her pronouns

Alison J. RothWell

Accessibility and Inclusion Advisor
905 688 5550 x4859
MC E Block
She/Her pronouns

Trecia McLennon

Intercultural Communications Coordinator
905 688 5550 x2611
MC E Block 216
She/Her pronouns

Aryan EsGandanian

Gender and Sexual Violence Intake and Support Coordinator
MC E Block
She/Her pronouns

Talia Ritondo

Gender and Sexual Violence Educaiton Coordinator
MC E Block
She/Her/They/Them pronouns

Eve Nyambiya

Anti-Racism and Inclusion Advisor
MC E Block
She/Her pronouns

Michelle Poirier

Advisor, Human Rights and Equity
905 688 5550 x6859
MC E Block 214
She/Her pronouns

Michelle Mudge

Student Justice Educator
905 688 5550 x6435
TH 252c
She/Her pronouns

Milé Komlen

Special Advisor, Human Rights and Equity
He/Him pronouns

Anyone seeking advice or assistance is encouraged to email us using the form below.

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