Letter of Permission

Letter of Permission

Brock students wishing to enroll at another university and transfer credits towards a Brock degree must apply for, and be granted, a Letter of Permission from the Office of the Registrar before registering at the other university. A University calendar description of the course(s) to be taken and the Letter of Permission fee of $40 must be submitted, with the application, to the Office of the Registrar. Approved Letters of Permission will be sent to the host university where required and a copy sent to the student.  Please ensure sufficient time for the processing, as they can take up to 10 business days to process. Please visit www.brocku.ca/registrar/forms to download the Letter of Permission application form.


Please note the following conditions to be eligible for Letter of Permission:

A maximum of five credits may be completed by Letter of Permission.

Course(s) requested should be relevant to a student's degree program and must be approved by both the student's academic Department and Dean of the student's degree program. Approval is at the discretion of the Dean, based on the applicant's overall academic record, the appropriateness of the particular course to the applicant's program and on any other factors deemed relevant.

A Letter of Permission is normally restricted to students who have successfully completed five credits at Brock with a minimum 60 percent overall average. Brock credit will not be granted to students who Challenge for Credit, on Letter of Permission, at the host institution.

A Letter of Permission is not issued for a student to complete more than two of the last five credits of a degree. Note that this regulation does not apply to courses taken as part of an exchange program (Keele, Swansea) nor to students in either the Bachelor of Education in Aboriginal Adult Education or the Bachelor of Education in Adult Education.

Students who do not complete registration at the host university, or who withdraw from course(s) for which a Letter of Permission has been issued, must submit verification from the host university to the Office of the Registrar.

Courses taken on a Letter of Permission or on Exchange Programs will be marked as Pass or Fail and will not be used in determining any student average. The course taken and grade assigned by the host university will, however, appear as a notation on a student's transcript. Courses taken within a designated partnership program with Brock (Freiburg, Summer Studies in Italy) will be used in the determination of a student's average.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that Brock University receives an official transcript from the host university within eight weeks of the course end date as specified on the application for the Letter of Permission submitted to Brock University or a failing grade will be assigned.

Students completing their last credit(s) towards their degree on a Letter of Permission must have their official transcript from the host university sent to the Registrar by the following dates:

Spring Convocation - May 15

Fall Convocation - September 15

Students not adhering to these deadlines may have their graduation deferred until the next Convocation.