Backdated Withdrawal Information

A student may petition for a Backdated Withdrawal from a course(s) or from the University (all courses taken during a term or session), if circumstances of a serious and compelling nature prevented the completion of course work and extenuating circumstances prevented a withdrawal by the deadlines on the Academic Calendar. If submitting a Backdated Withdrawal, withdrawal from all courses taken during the term in question is normally expected since extenuating circumstances are not course-specific.

Deadlines to withdraw from a course without academic penalty are published in the “Undergraduate Sessional Dates” section of the Undergraduate Calendar.

A backdated withdrawal is an appeal for an academic consideration. Students considering a financial appeal must review the financial appeal procedure found at

Once an academic decision has been made appeals will be forwarded to the Financial Appeals Committee.

All withdrawals are subject to a withdrawal charge, assessed as per the University’s withdrawals and refunds policies and procedures outlined at

Please read all sections prior to submitting your backdated withdrawal request.

The following are not acceptable reasons for a backdated withdrawal and will be denied:

  • You are not satisfied with your grade.
  • You neglected to formally withdraw from the course(s) in question.
  • You were not aware of the deadlines.
  • You changed your major and are now working towards a major or degree that does not require this course.
  • You chose to participate in non-academic activities which restricted your time for adequately managing the course expectations.
  • You wish to obtain tuition relief (a backdated withdrawal is not a mechanism to appeal tuition charges).

If any of these situations match your circumstances, you will be automatically denied for a backdated withdrawal request.

Students may be a candidate for a backdated withdrawal if any of the following conditions are true:

  • There was a documented administrative error that affected your enrollment.
  • You have documentation of a serious illness after the withdrawal date that affected your ability to complete all of your coursework.
  • You encountered a documented extreme and unusual circumstance which
    1. was beyond your control
    2. occurred after the withdrawal date
    3. could not have been addressed during the term in which the course(s) were taken

A request for a backdated withdrawal will be considered within 12 weeks of the last day of classes and must be supported by documentation for requests made on any grounds, including compassionate. Documentation must be official, substantive and clearly show why you were unable to meet the deadline to withdraw from your course(s). Acceptable documentation can potentially include one or a combination of the following:

  1. A letter from a division of Student Wellness & Accessibility Centre (ie. Student Accessibility Services, Student Health Services, Personal Counselling Services)
  2. A letter from your Doctor (not a prescription)
  3. An official death certificate, published obituary notice or original note from a funeral home citing your relationship to the deceased
  4. A copy of an airline ticket in your name
  5. An eviction notice

A letter explaining your circumstances is not acceptable documentation. Failure to provide any documentation will result in an automatic denial for your request.

Decisions are communicated to the student via their Brock email account. Generally, students should receive a reply within 15 working days.

If a request has been made for a course ended more than 12 weeks from the last day of class, the withdrawal request will also be forwarded to the appropriate academic Faculty for review. This may extend the processing time required for a decision.

Please use the following pdf.form to request for Backdated Withdrawal: Backdated Withdrawal Form.