Academic Advising

The Brock Academic Advising team is here to help! Our team offers both booked appointment times (in-person or virtual) and walk-in hours each week. Our offices are located iat the very end of the main Thistle corridor, near the doors which exit to Alphie’s Trough.

Appointments with the Brock Academic Advising Team can be booked through your portal (please see the section entitled “How to book an appointment” below for step-by-step instructions). 

If you have chosen a virtual appointment, your Advisor will call you through Microsoft Teams at your appointment time. Instructions on how to book a virtual appointment with your Academic Advisor: 

  1. Log into portal and book an appointment with your Academic Advisor 
  2. Receive an invitation sent by your Academic Advisor from Microsoft Teams Calendar 
  3. Accept the invitation 
  4. Go to the Teams Calendar and click on your appointment 
  5. Click “Join” to join the appointment 

For the remainder of the Winter term, Brock Academic Advising will be holding walk-in advising from Monday to Thursday in the afternoons between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. No appointment is required during these hours- students should simply sign-in via the tablet in our lobby and have a seat! You will be notified by your smart phone when it is your turn in the queue. 

Students can also connect with our team via Live Chat. This option can be accessed by clicking the “Need Help? Chat With Us Now” icon found at the top of this page. If you are visiting this page outside of our Live Chat hours, clicking on the icon will allow you to send an email to our main inbox ( 

Quick general questions can also be directed to 

To connect with a specific department academic advisor, go to Find Your Advisor.

Walk-in vs. Booked Appointments

Walk-in Advising sessions (approximately 10 minutes) are best for: 

  • Quick, general questions about university processes, regulations, policies 
  • Students needing assistance with campus navigation or developing a starting point to resolve an academic question/concern 
  • Students seeking immediate academic assistance 

 Booked Appointments (approximately 30 minutes) are best for: 

  • Students with multiple questions regarding their academics 
  • Students (particularly at the upper-year level) with complex or in-depth academic issues/concerns 
  • Questions or concerns that are not time-sensitive 

 That said, we appreciate the fact that each student case is unique and may not fit into the definitions described above! As such, you are always welcome to start by attending our walk-in sessions as they are the best method to promptly connect with our team. If it is determined that it would be best for you to return for a lengthier conversation via a booked appointment session, we will help schedule a future timeslot. 

Your Academic Advisor is dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals, step-by-step, from year one to graduation. It’s a good idea to see your academic advisor when:

  • Considering dropping or withdrawing from a course
  • Clarifying academic policies, procedures and regulations
  • Determining academic standing
  • Experiencing academic difficulty
  • Requesting a degree audit
  • Planning for degree programs
  • Choosing courses
  • Adding a minor
  • Returning from an absence

Brock Academic Advising, the academic advising team within the Office of the Registrar, is specifically designated for the students described below.

  • Students looking to change their major and/or explore adding a minor to their degree
  • Undeclared or Undecided students
  • Students in BA Social Sciences, General Humanities
  • Students on Academic Probation
  • Students returning to studies following an absence
  • Students who have general questions about university rules and regulations

Department Specific Academic Advising is designated for students who have degree-specific questions and who have a specific major.

How to book an appointment

  • Visit your Applicant and Student Self Serve page on your Brock portal and choose “Appointment Bookings”
  • Choose “Advising Services”
  • Choose the Advising Department you would like to book an appointment with (our team can be found under the “Academic Advising- Brock Academic Advising Team” Department)