Student Senate Appeals

Student Senate Appeals

Student Senate Appeals are academic appeals submitted to the Student Appeals Board for consideration. The Board has authority to hear appeals from decisions relating to:

  • Program or degree requirements or deadlines;
  • Final grades;
  • Registration status decisions of the Registrar or Dean (e.g. backdated withdrawals, retroactive registrations;) and
  • Academic integrity findings and outcomes imposed under the Academic Integrity Policy;
  • Accommodation of student activities under Faculty Handbook 3:C.14; and
  • Other academic decisions relating to an individual student.

For further information on appeal policy, please visit Faculty Handbook Section 3: Academic Regulations – University Secretariat ( Section 17 – Appeals

Process for submitting a Senate Appeal:

1. Create a pdf file of your completed Student Appeal submission. It must include:

  1. Completed Notice of Appeal Form found at:
  2. Relevant Appendix and accompanying documentation (see Appendix for complete list.

2. Submit your Notice of Appeal package online by completing the following steps:

  • Log in to the portal at Click on Student Access> Forms & Services
  • Go to Step 2a | Requesting information
    Select the appropriate appeal type (ie. Appeal Fee: Academic Debarment) by:

    • Clicking on the radio box beside the service
    • Choosing the degree/program under “Segment”
  • Go to Step 2b |Type of Delivery
    Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Email”
  • Go to Step 2c |Email
    Confirm your email address
  • Go to Step 2d | Document
    Upload your Senate Appeal package here. Make sure it is one document complete with the Senate Appeal Form and supplementary documentation attached.
  • Go to Step 3a | Printing Date
    Choose “Process Document Immediately” and add any necessary comments to the text box provided as needed.
  • Submit

Next Steps

A representative will contact you following the submission of your Student Appeal package to confirm receipt, advise you on the process and also any further steps required. The Student Appeals Board meets approximately monthly.

For more information on this process, or to follow up regarding your submission, please email