Gökbörü Sarp Tanyildiz

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Office: STH 407A
905-688-5550 x4096

PhD, York University
MA, Brock University
BA, Ankara University

Gökbörü Sarp Tanyildiz’s research focuses on the relationship between embodied social relations, formations, and subjectivities within contemporary capitalism through anti-racist, feminist, queer, and marxist social theories. His research demonstrates that the aporias frequently encountered in contemporary critical theories lay in the antinomies of classical sociology. In so doing, he emphasizes the necessity for sociological analyses that are commensurate to the social and political problems of our time.

Gökbörü’s teaching interests are in the areas of political economy of gender, work, and social policy; sociology of genders, sexualities, and families; race and racialization; classical and contemporary social theories; history of sociological analysis; phenomenological sociology; global social movements; and urban sociology.

He has published on social movements; refugees and state formation; feminist urban theory; and public spaces and virtual spaces. He co-edited a special issue of Society and Space on planetary urbanization. His most recent co-edited book volume on social reproduction and feminist urban theory is currently under review.

Gökbörü is enthusiastic about working with graduate students who are interested in researching different aspects of contemporary social and political problems through a variety of theoretical perspectives (including, but not limited to, marxisms, feminisms, anti-racisms, intersectionality, queer theories, phenomenology, and psychoanalysis) and methodological approaches (including, but not limited to, autoethnography, activist methodologies, institutional ethnography, and ethnomethodology).