Sociology and Critical Criminology Association

About the SCSA

As Sociology students – whether concentrated in Critical Criminology or Critical Animal Studies – we are constantly looking to analyze society through a critical lens. More importantly, this club is founded on the principles of community building, activism and advocacy. We want to encourage discussion: we want to be able to create spaces for people to be themselves, for people to build connections, to create memories, and to contribute to an ever-growing community.

The Sociology and Critical Criminology Association – also known as the SCSA – not only wishes to provide a platform for discussion, but also a space to collaborate with other clubs to promote justice, culture, unity and oneness. We want to be a resource for academia – to provide a place for students to inquire, to seek guidance, and to be reassured of their work by a support system. We seek to host a variety of events such as study sessions and career night as well as providing volunteering opportunities for students to build rapport with not only Brock students, but equally with communities outside of Brock University. The connections we make today will be the memories we remember tomorrow – the memories we make for tomorrow will be the driving force to achieve a greater world for our future.

We welcome you to Brock Sociology! We also understand that in a class of 300 – it’s hard to look at yourself as other than “just a number”. The SCSA wants to help you build connections and get involved in discussion. We want to help you make a memorable first year while helping you adjust to university life! With upper-year mentors who are willing to advise you, from social events to showing you a great time – we are here for you!

With everything you’ve learned from first year, you have probably adjusted well to university life. However, some of the content might be tricky – as we delve deeper into critical sociology, you’ll find a supportive group to guide and support you through it!  You’ll find opportunities to build friendships and long-lasting connections.

It’s never too late – if that ever comes to mind when thinking about the SCSA – this is the perfect time to join. You have the knowledge and the capacity to think critically about our world. You are just beginning to understand that the world is your canvas. Maybe you already know what you want to do – perhaps you want to mentor people and even be a leader yourself. See you at our next meeting!

You may be graduating this year, but your time isn’t up yet! There is still much to do. Whether it’s building connections, experiences, or mentoring – you can do it all in one shot. Though a critical time in your undergrad, it’s still a good way to be involved as a leader in your final year! See you soon!


  • SCSA monthly meetings
  • SCSA study sessions
  • SCSA Student Library
  • SCSA student lounge
  • Career Night
  • Bringing in teachers/field experts to talk to you one-on-one
  • Group discussions