Sociology Students Association

About the SSA

For 1st year students, you can come out and meet the people you see in class but still have no idea as to their names….

For 2nd year students, you can get some guidance from upper year classmates as to which courses are needed and which courses are fun. You may even get help with papers if you want to go that far…

For 3rd year students, you can get help setting up all the things you need to apply to 4th year or if you’re in a 3 year program, you make the contacts you need to apply to teachers college, if that’s the route you are choosing…

For 4th years students, you get to make those links that you need for grad school and get the chance to unwind and chat and work amongst your peers from the past 3 years who are in just as deep with readings and stress…

The Focus of the SSA:

  • To build friendships
  • To broaden horizons
  • To help you with papers
  • To explain the questions we all know you have.
  • To assist/guide you with getting your SOCI degree

Events and activities:

  • SOCI nights
  • SOCI student lounge
  • Career fairs
  • Bringing in teachers/field experts to talk to you one-on-one
  • Group discussions