About us

Our department focuses on significant social issues such as critical political economy, capitalist relations of production, educational equity, environmental activism, gang violence, gender inequalities, globalization, hate crimes, sexuality, racism and animal studies.

Students gain skills in designing social research, thinking critically, analyzing statistical data, computing, writing and making oral presentations. Our graduates move into a variety of fields, such as law, social work and teacher education, as well as pursuing further education in graduate school.

Concentrations in Sociology

Critical Animal Studies

We are the first university in Canada to offer a Concentration in Critical Animal Studies, where we focus on the analysis of the role and treatment of animals in society and inequality related to speciesism with emphasis on the field of animal justice.

The Concentration in Critical Animal Studies is designed to challenge our assumptions about our relationships with animals. Students are encouraged to question inherited beliefs about the role of animals in our lives, the different ways we treat different species, and the distinction we make between animal societies and our own.

Students will take courses that examine the relationship between humans and canines; the legal status of animals; and the various ways animals are portrayed and treated across cultures.


Our Concentration in Criminology pushes the boundaries of criminological thinking, examining law as social control and raising ideas about social harm and focuses on a critical analysis of the criminal justice system, youth offenders, law and punishment.

The Concentration in Criminology encourages students to think in a sustained way about why certain people are more likely to be apprehended by the police, convicted if charged, and given harsher sentences. Rather than accepting the imprisonment of vast numbers of the population as given, or perhaps “unfortunate,” students are encouraged to question the roots of the criminal justice system, its motives, and its impact on society.

Students will take courses in gang violence; gender and crime; and the media portrayal of crime and criminals.

Applied Social Research and Data Analysis

Applied Social Research and Data Analysis offers advanced training in both quantitative and qualitative social research design, helping students to package their methodological expertise for a wide variety of research-oriented career paths.