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  • OPINION: Kim de Laat, Alyssa Gerhardt and Andrea Doucet discuss employment policies and fathers’ involvement at home

    While the COVID-19 pandemic had many detrimental socio-economic and health impacts, one silver lining has been the influence of remote work on men’s involvement in unpaid work at home.

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  • Students explore migration themes through international collaboration

    While learning about human migration, Brock Sociology and Critical Criminology students recently participated in a collaborative project that saw them connecting with peers across the U.S. border.

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  • Research highlights challenges faced by young Black mothers

    A collaborative Brock University research project is amplifying the voices of young Black mothers in Canada and recommending changes to provide them better support.

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  • Brock grad thankful for student supports

    The journey may have taken longer than expected, but when Karli Woods received her undergraduate degree last week, the taste of success was just as sweet.

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  • OPINION: Gosine, Ciuffetelli Parker and Gallagher discuss ‘critical’ role of not-for-profit organizations

    You’ve likely walked past that non-profit youth centre or literacy program in your neighborhood countless times. You’ve probably never needed to make use of it and never given it a second thought.

    But on your next stroll, take a moment to consider the work that organization does, the challenges it faces and the vast benefits it brings to your community.

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  • How Black history has helped to shape Brock student-athlete’s life

    Black history lives with Audrey Ntetani every day of the year, not just during the month of February. The second-year Brock Critical Criminology student-athlete views Black history as a road map to how she can thrive in her life. “Black history taught me many lessons, equipped me with the tools needed to express myself and love myself, and allowed me to live in my truth,” said Ntetani, who plays on the varsity women’s basketball team.

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  • Museum in the Hallway exhibit explores student life

    A collection of images on display for ‘Museum in the Hallway / Boîte-en-valise’ offers a glimpse into the excitement and challenges of student life. 

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  • Brock scholar’s public lecture to break down capitalist decay

    The Department of Sociology invites the community to a public lecture by Professor Murray Smith on Friday, Feb. 3 from 2 to 4 p.m. in PL 600F.

    Smith, who retired from the department in December, will present “Valorization, Financialization and Crisis: A Marxist Analysis of 21st Century Capitalist Decay.”

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  • Professor John Sorenson shares recent open access publication

    Inclusive Approaches by VAW Shelters: Respecting Women’s Choice to be Together With Companion Animals
    Atsuko Matsuoka, John Sorenson

    May 11, 2022 Research Article


    Women often delay moving to VAW shelters if their companion animals’ safety is not ensured. Yet, few shelters accommodate them together. The purpose of this study is to explore what may help to promote services for women with companion animals facing violence, through learning from professionals who already provide support. Our email survey with VAW shelters in Ontario, Canada identified services and potential interviewees. Nine semi-structured telephone interviews with professionals were conducted to explore their experiences and views on human–animal relationships. All agencies that provided onsite programs, plus one about to start, participated. We utilized Critical Animal Studies as a theory to understand human–animal relationships through concepts such as intersectionality, anthropocentrism, speciesism, and feminist ethics of responsibility. The study found: (1) seven approaches shelters used to help women with companion animals; (2) programs that accept companion animals helped women move to shelters quickly but also affirmed women’s mutually respectful relationships with companion animals; (3) shelters also benefited, including expanding support from local communities and opportunities to educate them. The study suggests that by shifting ontological and theoretical approaches and including a critical examination of human–animal relationships at interpersonal and social structural levels, professional education promotes mobilizing resources for women with companion animals.

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  • Sociology grad featured in Technology magazine

    Alexandra Montgomery graduated with honours from Brock University with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Business Communications. Currently, she is the Director of IT, Comfort Keepers, Sodexo. She was featured in Technology magazine’s May 2022 issue where she discusses diversity, equity and inclusion and how to become a digital innovation leader.

    Link to magazine, featured on pages 33-43.

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