Trent S. Newmeyer

Associate Professor, Sociology/Women’s and Gender Studies

Graduate Program Director, Social Justice and Equity Studies

Office: STH 419
905 688 5550 x5118

Trent Newmeyer teaches the sociology of leisure, research methods (primarily qualitative research design), and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. His research interests include the social history of tourism and leisure, crafting as politics, and issues around HIV/AIDS from pregnancy planning to the use of crafting (body mapping) in mediating cultural stigma around HIV.

  • Social History of Travel and Leisure
  • Leisure as Resistance: Craftivism
  • Sociocultural aspects of HIV Pandemic: stigma, pregnancy planning.
  • Tourism, transactional relationships and HIV/AIDS

Newmeyer, T (2017) “‘Obligations and Entitlements’: Neoliberalism, Governmentality and Community Parks.” In B. Lashua, E. Sharpe & K. Spracklen (Eds.) Handbook of Leisure Theory. London: Palgrave.

Singh, S. & Newmeyer, T.(2015) Quest Tourism. In Jafari, J. & Honggen Xiao (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Tourism. Wien-New York: Springer-Verlag.

Bos, K., Newmeyer, T., Ruocco, K., Whyte, C., & Woodbeck, H. (2015). Family member’s perception of well-being during transition to long-term care. Journal of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario, 10, 8-20.

Sachin Mehta, Trent Newmeyer, Mona Loutfy, Brent Faught (2013). “Socio-Demographic Determinants of Familial and Partner Pressues to Conceive in HIV-Positive Women in Ontario.” J Epidemiol Community Health 2013;67:10

  • Sociological Aspects of Leisure and Diversity
  • Research Design for Social Research