Kevin Gosine

Associate Professor, Sociology

Office: STH 427A
905-688-5550 x4412

PhD, York University
MSW, University of Toronto
BA, York University

Kevin Gosine’s primary areas of research interest include the critical study of ethnicity and racialization, youth studies, social identity construction, the sociology of education, and social welfare.  Previous published work has explored processes of multiple and diasporic identity construction and cultural negotiation among highly educated and upwardly mobile Black Canadians, which entailed an examination of the relationship between highly accomplished Black North Americans and antiracism.  In collaboration with Dr. Gordon Pon of Ryerson University, he has also published work that examined racial bias and disporportionality within Ontario’s child welfare system.  Recently, Dr. Gosine led a research team that examined intersections of race and class, communal identity and academic engagement among marginalized youth in Toronto’s Regent Park community.  A Public Health Agency of Canada Research Grant (which Dr. Gosine held in partnership with Pathways Canada) supported this latter project.  Alongside his ongoing research on marginalized urban youth subcultures and secondary schooling, Dr. Gosine is currently collaborating with Dr. Michelle Webber (Sociology) and Professor Glenn Skrubbeltrang (Goodman School of Business) to examine the workplace experiences, job satisfaction, and academic identities of limited term (non-tenured/non-tenure stream) faculty in Canadian universities.