Zisimos Koustas

Professor, Economics


Office: Plaza 437
905-688-5550 x3326


Ph.D. Queen’s University at Kingston 1986

Research Interests

The Fisher Effect, Monetary Neutrality, Asset-Price Bubbles

“Evidence of Nonlinear Mean Reversion in the Real Interest Rate”, Forthcoming in Applied Economics, with J. F. Lamarche.

“Rational Bubbles or Persistent Deviations from Market Fundamentals?”, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2005, 29, 2523-2539, with A. Serletis.

“On the Fisher Effect”, Journal of Monetary Economics, 1999, 44, 105-130, with A. Serletis.

“Canadian Evidence on Long-Run Neutrality Propositions”, Journal of Macro- economics, 1998, 20, 2, 397-411.

“International Evidence on the Neutrality of Money”, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 1998, 30, 1, 1-25, with A. Serletis.