Department of Chemistry Seminar Series

Time: 12:00 pm, Location: H313

2019-09-18Erin Chernick, University of Tübingen, GermanyDesign and Synthesis of Functional Organic Molecules – From Renewable Energy Devices to Spintronic ApplicationsArt van der Est
2019-09-20Prof. Ekin Atilla Gokcumen, University at BuffaloNon-canonical Role of Lipids in Cell FatesTravis Dudding
2019-09-27Prof. Thomas Lectka, Johns Hopkins UniversityFun with C-F Bonds in Tight Spaces: Getting Fluorine to Do What it Doesn’t Want to DoTravis Dudding
2019-10-02Prof. Igor Alabugin, Florida State UniversityFrom Alkyne Origami to Electron Upconversion: Shaping Potential Energy Landscapes in Cyclization ReactionsGeorgii Nikonov
2019-10-04Prof. Sanela Martic, Trent UniversityTony Yan
2019-11-15Prof. Jeremy Rawson, University of WindsorRadical designs: From crystal engineering to multi-functional materialsMelanie Pilkington
2019-11-29Profs Mirek Soural and Petr Cankar, Palacky UniversityShooting with drug-like molecules using solid-phase synthesis and From simple CDK inhibitors to synthetic methodogy and backTomas Hudlicky
2020-02-28Prof. Datong Song, University of TorontoOrganometallic Chemistry and Catalysis with IronGeorgii Nikonov
2020-03-13Prof. Viktor Zhdankin, University of Minnesota DuluthGeorgii Nikonov
2020-03-27Prof. Jeremy May, University of HoustonTomas Hudlicky
2020-04-03Prof. James Tanko, Virginia TechWhat do Designer Drugs, Parkinson’s Disease, and the Persistent Radical Effect have in Common?Tomas Hudlicky
2020-04-24Nick Mosey, Queen’s UniversityTravis Dudding
2020-05-01Tristan H. Lambert, Cornell UniversityTravis Dudding