Other Analytical Instruments

Brock Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy

Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy

Bruker Elexsys E580 pulsed and CW X-band (9 GHz) spectrometer; equipped with a liquid helium cryostat for variable temperature analysis from 5K to 300 K. The resonators and cryostat have light access for studying light-induced processes.

Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy

A multifrequency EPR unit operating at 9 GHz and 35 GHz setup for both continuous wave and direct detection time resolved EPR. Light excitation is achieved by a pulsed Nd-YAG pumped OPO laser, which is tunable between 450 – 680 nm and 710-1200 nm. The system response time is ca. 50 ns.The spectrometer is equipped with ENDOR and full high and low temperature VT with both liquid nitrogen and liquid helium capability. Data collection is via a LeCroy digital scope. The system is interfaced to a Linux PC console. Several PC’s and a Mac are available with printers for data analysis.

Brock X-Ray Crystallography

X-Ray Crystallography

Bruker Apex II CCD diffractometer with a Kryoflex Oxford variable temperature device.

Atomic Analysis

Perkin-Elmer Optima 4300 ICP-OES and workstationPerkin-Elmer Optima 3300 DV ICP-OES and workstation (on long-term loan from Perkin Elmer, since 1999) Elan DRC2 ICP-MSFims 400 mercury analyzerIL Video-11 AA spectrometer


  • Radleys Discovery Technologies 12-place carousel reaction stations (2)
  • Radleys Discovery Technologies 6-place flask reaction station
  • Rudolph Research Autopol II polarimeter
  • Perkin-Elmer 341 polarimeter
  • MBraun Labmaster 130 gloveboxes (2)
  • Spectra Max XS Gemini fluorescence spectrometer
  • Farfield AnaLight BIO 2002 dual polarization interferometer
  • Liquid nitrogen generator
  • Parr 4760 300 mL high-pressure reaction station with temperature controller
  • AM.Sc.o SG-116 autoclave and safety enclosure
  • Laminar flow hood
  • BBraun Biostat C and E fermentors
  • New Brunswick Cell Culture System
  • New Brunswick rotary incubators (5)
  • Incubation ovens (2)
  • Beckman J2-HS centrifuge
  • Revco Scientific –80 °C freezer
  • Forma Scientific orbital shaker
  • Buchi R-153 20 litre rotary evaporator
  • Mixer mill for sample crushing
  • Access to fully equipped biotec