The Department of Chemistry at Brock University has one Canada Research Chair, twelve professors, four senior demonstrators, two technical and one administrative staff.

In addition to significant major departmental instrumentation and a full-time glassblower, we are served by first-class electronics and machine shops. The University provides a well-run Information Technology Service. Our routine computational needs are met workstations and by shared-memory and cluster computers. Major computational resources are available to us through the SHARCnet consortium. The department actively participates in Brock’s Institute for Scientific Computation.

The Chemistry honours program and joint major program with Physics are accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry. We offer two Co-op Chemistry options, including a unique research-intensive option. In addition, we offer Biochemistry and Biotechnology undergraduate programs, jointly with the Biological Sciences department.

Our department is the ideal size with which to achieve our objective of offering a Chemistry program of the highest quality, where both teaching and research are emphasized. We are proud of our colleagues who have won teaching awards. In the past, research grants received by members of the department exceeded $1,250,000.