Department of Chemistry Seminar Series

Time: 12:00 pm, Location: H313

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DateSpeakerSeminar TitleHost
2019-09-18Erin Chernick
University of Tübingen, Germany
Design and Synthesis of Functional Organic Molecules – From Renewable Energy Devices to Spintronic Applications Art van der Est
2019-09-20Prof. Ekin Atilla Gokcumen
University at Buffalo
Non-canonical Role of Lipids in Cell FatesTravis Dudding
2019-09-27Prof. Thomas Lectka
Johns Hopkins University
TBATravis Dudding
2019-10-02Prof. Igor Alabugin
Florida State University
From Alkyne Origami to Electron Upconversion: Shaping Potential Energy Landscapes in Cyclization ReactionsGeorgii Nikonov
2019-10-04Prof. Sanela Martic
Trent University
TBATony Yan
2019-10-11Alex Wang
Brock University (CHEM 7P95 seminar)
TBAJ. Atkinson
reading week
2019-10-25Korey Bedard
Brock University (CHEM 7P95 seminar)
TBAJ. Atkinson
2019-11-01Anton Dmitrienko
Brock University
Metal-Metal Bonds in CatalysisJeffrey Atkinson
2019-11-08Prof. Datong Song
University of Toronto
TBAG. Nikonov
2019-12-06Anne Worrell
TBAJ. Atkinson