Chemistry and Biotechnology Graduate Seminar Series

Welcome to the Brock University Graduate Chemistry and Biotechnology Seminar Series. CHEM/BTEC 5P95,BTEC 7P96 and CHEM 7P95

2019-10-1112PMH313Alex Wang
2019-11-0112PMH313Anton DmitrienkoMetal-Metal Bonds in Catalysis
2019-11-2212PMH313Korey BedardThe Danger Behind the Dart: The Chemistry of Poisonous Dendrobatidae Frogs
2019-12-0612PMH313Anne Worwell
2020-02-0712PMH313Lihi HabazEstrogen, progestogen and the history of the pill
2020-03-2012PMH313Juana Goulart StollmaierThe chemistry and history of antipsychotics