Chemistry and Biotechnology Graduate Seminar Series

Welcome to the Brock University Graduate Chemistry and Biotechnology Seminar Series. CHEM/BTEC 5P95,BTEC 7P96 and CHEM 7P95

2018-09-1312PMCRN550Lihi HabazThe chemistry of akuammiline alkaloids
2018-09-2012PMCRN550Anton DmitrienkoSol-gel chemistry as the main technique for preparation of ceramic materials
2018-09-2712PMCRN550Shannon JewelTargeted Drug Delivery for Cancer Treatment with use of Polymeric Nanoparticles
2018-10-041:30PMCRN550Kailey MeehanExploring Rab proteins and their role in Vesicular Trafficking and Parkinson’s Disease
2018-10-1112PMCRN550Anne WorrellSupramolecular Chemotherapy based on host–guest molecular recognition: A novel strategy in the battle against cancer
2018-10-2512PMCRN550Graham JonesCannabis Sativa: Rediscovering a Medicinal Plant
2018-11-0112PMCRN550Aisha KassymbekHomogeneous Borrowing Hydrogen Catalysis
2018-11-0712PMH313Tyler BissettThe Discovery and Synthesis of Anti-Malaria Drugs
2018-11-0812PMCRN550Charles BarracoUnderstanding proteomics, the power within and the limitations
2018-11-0912PMH313Daler BaidilovRecent Applications of the Divinylcyclopropane-Cycloheptadiene Rearrangement in Organic Synthesis
2018-11-1512PMCRN550Korey Bedard Pederin and psymberin (irciniastatin A): two distantly related cytotoxic agents united by a unique substructure
2018-11-2212PMCRN550Aliona BaradzenkaCyclic (Alkyl)(Amino)Carbene
2018-11-2312PMH313Nico BonanoNitroxide Based Radical Polymers for Electrochemical Energy Storage Application
2018-11-2912PMCRN550Andrei SolodininDevelopment of Quorum Quenching Compounds as Antibiotics
2018-12-0612PMCRN550Dhruval JoshiMetabolic labeling of biomolecules using bioorthogonal chemistry
2018-12-0712PMH313Ngan TranElectrochemistry in organic synthesis
2018-12-1012PMCRN550Holt MessnerGene therapy - A systems approach to the next best thing in modern medicine
2018-12-1312PMCRN550Dusty CadwalladerRuthenium Arene Complexes as Anti-cancer Agents
2018-12-2012PMCRN550Ivor SmajlagicThe Biological Impact of the Halogen Bond and its Contribution in Drug Development for Cancer Treatment
2019-01-1012PMCRN550Richard Le SueurHistorical Application and Current Developments in the Field
2019-01-2412PMCRN550Frank BetancourtBacterial Organelles: Historical Overview and Current Applications
2019-01-3112PMCRN550Steven GayderUnderstanding Resistance Mechanisms of Bacteria Against Invading Bacteriophages
2019-02-0712PMCRN550Danielle WilliamsInvisible caretakers of the greenhouses
2019-02-141PMCRN527Tianyu DongDNA barcode
2019-03-0712PMCRN550Gabriele Delle MonacheMRI Contrast Agents: Past, Present and Future
2019-03-1412PMCRN550Joshua Clarke The Chemiluminescence of Cyclic Peroxides
2019-03-2112PMCRN550Matt GuestClick Chemistry: Mechanistic Tools for Drug Development
2019-04-0412PMCRN550Hayden FoyThe Role of Machine Learning in Retrograde Synthesis of Organic Molecules
2019-04-092PMCRN227Romano BrujicDNA-Based Super-Resolution Microscopy: DNA-PAINT
2019-04-1112PMCRN550Paria AzadiApproach toward Five-Membered Heterocycles (1,2- and 1,3-azoles) through Multicomponent Reactions: History, Reaction Conditions and Catalysts