Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Reduce inequalities within and among countries. 

The goal intends to provide equality to all and ensure no one is left behind based on social, political, and economic equality. It focuses on the need for equal opportunity to all by ending discrimination based on income, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, class, ethnicity, and religion that continues on a daily basis across the world. Acceptance and compassion towards one another will immensely improve quality of life and establish a healthier world for all to enjoy. 

Taking Action

Initiatives at Brock University

Brock Pride Club 

Brock Pride Club advocates for inclusion of all that creates a safe place for students of diverse gender and sexuality identities. They encourage all to join their efforts in addressing Pride issues and how to overcome them to create equality. Brock’s Pride club is happy to offer events for ways people can get involved and come together  

Voices for Inequality in Sport 

Brock University MA students, John Gobin and Jacob Klein from the Sports Management program, set to address the inequalities of sports by launching the Voices for Inequality in Sport organization. Their organization sets out to bring forward the social injustices occurring in the sports industry and attempts to provide equality for all. The mission is to provide resources and motivation to empower minority groups within the sports industry as well as encourages to engage all in their movement.  

Brock’s Office of Human Rights and Equity  

Brock’s office of Human Rights and Equity is dedicated to providing Brock community members information, education, assistance, and advice to those experiencing or interested in human rights, harassment, discrimination, and bullying. 

Brock University and the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre 

In 2020, Brock launched a project joining the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre that aims to provide evidence of the quality care First Nations communities in Niagara give to their sick, disabled, and elderly as their opinions are often excluded. The project involves learning skills to provide care to the elderly as demonstrated by First Nation communitiesin hopes to encourage their values in quality care and are deployed in the workplace.

Black History Month/African Heritage Month Celebration 

Brock University’s Black History Month/African Heritage Month celebrations took place all throughout Feb. 2023. Some events and resources included student-led initiatives from the Black Students Association (BLSA), a featured collection list of Black Canadian Scholars, and varsity sport fundraisers for Brock’s Black/Indigenous Heritage Student-Athlete Bursary. Other research was highlighted from Applied Health Sciences and Humanities, which focused on Black student success, Black student-athlete leadership and representation, and Black residence life at Brock. 

International Student Resources  

International students arriving to Brock are greeted with a range of support resources that extend from immigration, health and well-being, living in Niagara, getting involved and academic success. Further international student support was received in 2022 from the new pilot partnership between Brock International and the iCent Airport Welcome program. Here, students were able to receive a welcome package as well obtain assistance with transportation, accommodation, lost luggage, access to free calls to family and additional services.  

Campus Decolonization 

The Faculty of Applied Health Science (FAHS) hosted an event in Oct. 2022 to explore what it means to decolonize Brock’s campus and possible next steps of action that might contribute to change. More than 80 Brock students, staff and faculty gathered for the event, hosted by the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (FAHS) Anti-Racism Task Force, known as the ART initiative.

Initiatives in the Niagara Region

Niagara Migrant Workers Interest Group 

The Niagara Migrant Workers Interest Group provides resources and services to migrant workers in Niagara Region. The group collaborates with a wide range of networks in the community to improve working conditions and the lives of migrant workers. They work to support the needs of agricultural migrate workers through services in health, safety, and language in the Niagara Region.  

Pride Niagara  

Pride Niagara has been a member of the LGBT community since 2010 and brings knowledge and people together to celebrate Niagara’s sexual and gender diverse community as well as its supporters. The group provides social activities and information to its LGBTQ2S+ community to help grow its heritage and form traditions to include everyone. 

Quest Community Health Care

Quest Community Health Care understands that the most vulnerable are often not correctly cared for from traditional health care models. Quest takes a holistic approach to care that values physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being to a wide variety of demographics. The organization famously provides services to all members of the community including seniors and LGBTQ2S+ where most recently they are hosting a virtual talent show. It is their strong belief when they care about people the community thrives.

Individual Actions

Did you know that COVID-19 has intensified current inequalities, affecting the most vulnerable population worse?

  • A person can make a significant impact to reduce inequalities by supporting local business, farmers, and services to help Niagara’s economy.  
  • Treat others with respect and do not engage in discriminatory actions. Every person deserves to be loved and appreciated for who they are.  
  • Attempt to do one random act of kindness a day, small or large, to make everyone feel included and special in their community.  
  • Research and engage in platforms that speak to you and advocate for them, such as the Black Lives Matter movement.  
  • Travel the world to become more culturally diverse.  
  • Sponsor a child and help those in need. 
  • Think of ways to help build spaces that are accommodating to all.  
  • Follow Inclusive Communities Canada – Brock on Instagram @iccan_brock or visit PlayMakers on Facebook to explore movements happening at Brock.