Teaching and learning

The Faculty of Social Sciences celebrates teaching excellence and supports meaningful learning experiences across all of our programs and courses.

group of students on docks in Burnaby, BC

This spring, 25 students completed the Department of Geography and Tourism Studies’ Vancouver Field Course (GEOG/TOUR 3P93) with Professor Michael Ripmeester and teaching assistant Hannah Willms. The group spent ten days in Vancouver walking, touring, discussing, and reflecting. Read more.

portrait of Shauna Pomerantz

At Spring Convocation in June 2022, Shauna Pomerantz in the Department of Child and Youth Studies was awarded the 2022 Faculty of Social Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching. Read more.

portrait of Nuoting Huang and Katarina Hiebert

At Spring Convocation in June 2022, Nuoting Huang of the Department of Economics (left) and Katarina Hiebert of the Department of Applied Linguistics (right) both received the Dean’s Gold Medal for academic achievement.

Kate Cassidy portrait

Kate Cassidy in the Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film received the Clarke Thomson Award for Excellence in Sessional Teaching at the annual Tribute to Teaching celebration hosted by the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation on Dec. 8. Read more.

portrait of Maddie Bell

Maddie Bell (BA ’21), who graduated from the Department of Political Science at Fall Convocation, reflected on how her co-op placements – including a work term at Global Affairs Canada – helped her build the skills she needed to secure admission to law school. Read more.

portrait of stefan dolgert

A winter course on Ancient Political Theory (POLI 4P02) taught by Associate Professor of Political Science Stefan Dolgert connected the popular anime series, Attack on Titan, social media, and conversations with industry experts to engage students in his Ancient Political Theory course provide modern context to ancient ideas. Dolgert has previously taught ancient politics using the hit series The Wire, hip hop albums and kung fu. “What I try and do is have a dialogue between an ancient or classical text and something that’s happening in the present,” he says.

virtual class meeting screenshot shows multiple camera-views of participants

In February, students in CHYS 2P16 — Principles of Community Engagement in Child and Youth Studies welcomed three Canadian senators to share their community engagement experience and expertise during a virtual class session. Sen. Wanda Thomas Bernard of Nova Scotia, who is also Deputy Chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights, along with Sen. Marilou McPhedran of Manitoba and Sen. Kim Pate of Ontario joined the discussion. (Photo courtesy of Senate of Canada.)

A community collaboration recently allowed Political Science students to connect their classroom learning to the lived experiences of newcomers to Canada. At a hybrid meeting held late last term, students in Livianna Tossutti’s class on Global Migration: Canada in a Comparative Perspective met virtually with newcomers studying English as a Second Language (ESL) at the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre. The ESL students represented 19 countries of origin and spoke more than a dozen languages. By sharing their stories, they helped Brock students understand the human side of issues they had explored in class, including the push and pull forces that drive international migration, the experiences of temporary and permanent migrants, and Canada’s multicultural approach to integrating newcomers.

Chelsea Jones

In CHYS 3P44, Gender and Sexuality in Childhood and Youth, taught in Fall 2021 by Assistant Professor Chelsea Jones (shown), an online panel called Cripping Sex Education: Deaf, Disabled and Queer Perspectives on Teaching Kids about Sex helped students prepare for projects they would undertake in the course, now showcased on this web site. The event was funded by Brock’s Human Rights and Equity Services, the Social Justice Research Institute, the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation, and Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada.

Programs launched in September 2021

Hannah Dyer

Associate Professor Hannah Dyer in the Department of Child and Youth Studies (CHYS) was the recipient of the 2021 Faculty of Social Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching and was honoured at Brock’s Virtual Spring Convocation in June of 2021.

Prarthana Frankin-Luther

At Spring Convocation 2021, the Faculty congratulated the first cohort of newly minted PhDs from the Department of Child and Youth Studies. Prarthana Franklin-Luther, shown here, was the first to successfully defend her thesis in November of 2020.

Zain Virani

Teaching Assistant Zain Virani (MBE ’19) in the Department of Economics received the 2021 TA Award, presented annually to a teaching assistant in recognition of an outstanding contribution to teaching and learning at Brock.

Felisia Milana

Teaching Assistant Felisia Milana, also an MA student in Political Science, received the 2021 Novice TA Award. (Felisia also went on to receive the Board of Trustees’ Spirit of Brock Medal upon graduating in the Fall of 2021.)

Liz Clarke

Assistant Professor Liz Clarke in the Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film received the 2020 Excellence in Teaching for Early Career Faculty Award from Brock’s Centre for Pedagogical Innovation.

Valdeep Saini

In December of 2020, Assistant Professor Valdeep Saini in the Department of Applied Disability Studies received the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis Teaching Award.

Kate Cassidy's experiential education project

Students in the Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film, put their skills and knowledge to work for a local businesses in St. Catharines, ON as part of a service-learning project in COMM 3P62, Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication.