Victor Snieckus of Queens University passed away

On December 18 the organic community and the chemistry world have lost a true legend as Victor Snieckus died at age 83. Vic was an adjunct professor at Brock for several years. He has been the friend of this department and has delivered a short course on cross-coupling a few years ago. As well, he has  participated in all of the biennial Latest Trends in Organic Synthesis conferences (LTOS) here at Brock and at the University of Florida and Virginia Tech before 2004. An avid reader, musician, and hockey player Vic enjoyed life to the fullest and seemed not to age. He will be missed by all, especially by me as our friendship spanned more that 40 years.

Tomas Hudlicky, December 2020.

Vic Snieckus (left) celebrating a hockey championship victory at the Steamboat Med Chem meeting, 2009.

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