Cristina Santos and SCLA students go to Oxford

Cristina Santos recently delivered a paper Sacrificing Virginity, or Taming (Im)potency in Contemporary Women’s Fiction at the 8th Global Conference on Monsters and Monstrosity held at Oxford University, UK.

With her were some of her graduate students from our MA program in Studies in Comparative Literatures and Cultures:

Jonathan Allan (SCLA 2007) Theorizing the Monstrous and the Virginal in the Popular Romance Novels

Melissa La Porte (SCLA 2010) Snakes on a Mane: Medusa, the Body and Serpentine Monstrosity

Maja Srndic (SCLA 2010) Survival of the Toothiest: Vagina Dentata in Christopher Unborn and Teeth

Elizabeth Cherniak (SCLA 2010) [presented at “Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners” Parallel Conference at Oxford University] Discourse with the Monstrous: ‘Able-bodied’ and ‘Disabled’ Encounters with ‘Primitive Other’ in Africa


On more about the experience at the conferences at Oxford University please read the following blog post by Jonathan Allan entitled From Brock to Oxford and Beyond: A Lesson in Mentorship.

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