In efforts to further improve our eco footprint, Brock Hospitality Services is happy to launch the Green-2-Go reusable food container program in DeCew Dining Hall, Lowenberger Dining Hall, Hungry Badger & Guernsey Market. Green-2-Go reusable containers will initially cost $5 and are available for all menu items in these locations. Choosing to use a G2G container will help to reduce the amount of waste generated by our current cardboard take out containers.

Here are 6 simple steps in how you can help us:

  1. Inform a staff member at the station in DeCew, Lowenberger, Hungry Badger or Guernsey Market that you would like to take your food to go.
  2. Our staff member will then place your food into the G2G container.
  3. When you exit, our cashier will charge you for your meal and $5 for the G2G container.
  4. After you have enjoyed your food & have finished with your container, you will then return it dirty to one of our drop off locations (DeCew Dining Hall, Lowenberger Dining Hall, Hungry Badger & Guernsey Market) near cash and pick up your G2G card from a cashier.
  5. We will wash and sanitize all dirty G2G containers! For Health & Safety reasons food must always be placed into a clean G2G container at our stations.
  6. The next time you want your meal to go, you will inform our staff at the station and show them your G2G card; they will then place your food into a G2G container. The only difference at this point is when you exit you will hand your G2G card over to our cashier.

And so begins the cycle, card for container, container for card.

For more information on our Sustainability initiatives, please visit us at