Sustainable Sourcing

Local Sourcing & Ingredients

Whenever possible, Dining Services proudly sources and serves local ingredients. We recognize these practices not only support sustainable agriculture and the local economy but often times the ingredients taste better and are higher in nutrients.

In both the DeCew and Lowenberger Fresh Food Company locations, guests can view our Who’s Your Farmer Map. This map highlights some of our local suppliers for a variety of produce served in the dining halls, such as cucumber, kale, squash and sweet peppers. All partners featured on the map are within a 200km range of Brock University.

Fair Trade Campus Certification

Brock University has been a Fair Trade Campus since 2013. To earn this certification, a campus not only has to have Fair Trade products available, but also has to increase the visibility of the products and educate the community about the meaning of Fair Trade.

Some Fair Trade products that can be found across campus are:

  • Marley Coffee, Four O’Clock Tea, Awake Chocolate in Market Eatery
  • Marley Coffee and Four O’Clock Tea in Fresh Food Company
  • Awake Chocolate in Hungry Badger
  • Coffee, Tea, Awake Chocolate in General Brock

Cool Food Meals

Since September 2022, our Fresh Food Company has been serving a large variety of Cool Food Meals, which is a delicious and nutritious way to help the planet. In fact, approximately 15% of the menu is Cool Foods certified, including 100% of our pre-composed salad recipes.

What is a Cool Food Meal? The World Resource Institute (WRI) is our partner in bringing climate-friendly dishes to campus. WRI measured the carbon footprint of hundreds of our recipes to identify items that meet the Cool Food Meals criteria, based on the ingredients from farm to fork, and the land used to produce the meal. If the carbon footprint meets an established per-meal greenhouse gas emissions threshold and nutritional standards, the dish is approved as a Cool Food Meal. The per-meal threshold is based upon a maximum recommended daily carbon footprint for a person’s diet, which is 38% smaller than the current average.

Look for Cool Food Menu items for a delicious way to help the planet!

ASC & MSC Certification

Dining Services is proud to serve sustainably farmed and fished seafood on campus. All seafood served is sustainably certified by either the Aquaculture Stewardship Council or Marine Stewardship Council.