Dining and Flex Dollars

Dining and Flex Dollars work as a declining cash balance and funds are loaded to your Brock Card.

Dining Dollars- Dining Dollars are available to students to be used at the following Dining Services locations on campus which include Tim Hortons, Starbucks in the Market, the Market Eatery and at the Hungry Badger.

Flex Dollars- Flex Dollars are for students, staff and faculty. They are the flexible, worry-free alternative to carrying cash. Fast and convenient, all you need to do is swipe and go. It works the same as a debit card but without transaction costs and monthly fees.

Flex Dollars can be used at the above listed Dining Services locations on campus, Campus Store, Residence laundry services, vending machines, General Brock, participating vendors within Union Station, and for printing in both the Library and Computer Commons.

All-Access Meal Plan- The All-Access portion of the meal plan is not a declining cash balance, however is an annual plan rate for usage upon Residence Move-in expiring upon Residence Move-out. The All-Access portion of the meal plan does not carry forward.

On-campus locations accepting flex dollars:

  • Fresh Food Company – two campus locations (DeCew and Lowenberger Residence)
  • The Hungry Badger (Pita Pit, Pizza Pizza) — Walker Complex
  • Tim Hortons — two campus locations (Schmon Tower and The Hungry Badger)
  • Market Eatery — first floor, Schmon Tower
  • Starbucks in the Market Hall – first floor, Schmon Tower
  • Daily Grind Cafe – Student Centre
  • General Brock – Robert S.K. Welch Hall
  • Union Station — Student Centre*
  • Campus Store — Plaza Building
  • Printing across Campus

*Burrito Boyz and Ah So Sushi do not accept flex dollars.

Flex dollars are also accepted in all residence laundry facilities and vending machines across campus.

Adding dollars to your account

Please note that you can add flex dollars to your card at any time online throughout the year using a Visa or MasterCard or by cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard at the Brock Card office on campus.

In the unlikely event of a negative flex dollars balance, you will be required to pay the overdraft amount within five days or a hold will be placed on your Brock Card until the amount is paid in full. An email will be sent to your Brock account notifying you of the overdraft. Payments can be made at the Brock Card office using cash, debit, or credit card, or online at with a credit card.