Dietary Labelling Program

At Brock Dining Services, we understand the importance of having nutrition information available for students to help navigate them in their food decisions.

We label our “Express” grab ‘n go items with a complete Nutrition Facts panel, as well as ingredient, and allergen information following Health Canada regulations. For menu items found in our Fresh Food Companies, we label calorie information in compliance with the Ontario Menu Labeling regulations and use menu icons to provide additional ingredient or special dietary guidance.

Menu Icons

VEGETARIAN Identifies foods that fit a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, which excludes all meat, fish, and poultry, but includes eggs, dairy products, and honey.

VEGAN Identifies foods that are made from plant-based foods only, excluding eggs, dairy, honey, and any other animal-derived ingredients.

NO GLUTEN* Identifies menu items that are made without gluten ingredients to assist those avoiding gluten in their diet.

PLANT FORWARD Identifies menu items that contain 60 grams or less of animal-based protein per serving. This icon can be used for menu items that may or may not be vegetarian but meet the plant forward criteria.

HALAL This logo can be used to identify single ingredients or recipes that contain Halal certified proteins (only), Halal permitted foods and exclude all Haram ingredients.

NO DAIRY* Identifies menu items that are made without milk ingredients to assist those avoiding dairy in their diet.