Manage your account

This site is only for managing your Brock Card account. You cannot use this site to pay residence fees, tuition costs, or any other outstanding balances on your student financial history page.

Students, faculty and staff

Students, faculty and staff can access their accounts online.

Log in using your Brock login and password. Only Brock students, faculty and staff can log in.

  • Account Information will show your contact information and your ID photo
  • Financial Data will show you funds on hold or your balance
  • Financial History will show your transaction history (what you purchased and where)
  • Financial Statement will show your transactions and balance
  • Add Funds by Credit Card to deposit flex dollars to your card using Visa or MasterCard
  • Deactivate Card to protect funds on your card. Use this feature to deactivate your ID card so that no one can use your card for purchases. If found, your card can be reactivated by contacting the Brock Card office. If your card remains lost, a replacement card can be obtained by visiting the office.

Log Out. Students, faculty and staff who have logged in to use the site should log out when transactions are completed.


Parents deposit: Parents use this link to deposit flex dollars to student cards using Visa or MasterCard. Parents do not need to log in first. Parents will require the student number and date of birth to deposit funds. They do not have access to financial statements, card balances or transaction history. They can only deposit funds. Upon successful completion of a deposit, a receipt will be available for printing.

Manage your Brock Card account