About Brock Card

Your Brock Card is your official identification card for Brock University and is the most important piece of identification you will have while at Brock University.  It gives you complete access to the Brock community and its partners. The benefits associated with this card includes savings, convenience. Flexibility and security. As such, you will be required to have a photo appear on your Brock Card.

This card serves many functions and can provide you with access to a wide variety of services on campus, including meal plans and library access. It is used as identification at examinations, a transit card when affixed with a current bus pass sticker, recreation membership card and is used to control access to specific areas and buildings on campus.

If you are a registered student, faculty or staff member, you will be issued your first card at no charge. Should you change your status (i.e. student to faculty/staff) you will be provided an updated card at no charge, provided you turn in your old card. If you cannot turn in your old card, the applicable replacement fee will be charged.

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