Hospitality Services @ Brock

Hospitality Services at Brock University provides a wide range of products and services to students, staff, faculty and the community.  We are committed to providing seamless and comprehensive services and choices while supporting a healthy and sustainable university environment.

Hospitality Services encompasses three departments: Dining Services, Brock Card and Event Services. Each operation values you as a customer and is dedicated to offering quality, convenience and options to suit your needs.

For details on each of our departments and how we can help make Brock your best experience ever, please click on the appropriate link above. We look forward to serving you.

Romaine Lettuce Pulled Across Campus

Wednesday, November 21

Due to the CDC warning on romaine lettuce we will not have any romaine or products containing romaine available until further notice.

As your health & safety is our number one priority, rest assured we have taken and will continue to take all precautionary measures necessary.