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November 2013

On November 28, 2013, the Centre hosted its first Lunch Series event, welcoming Jim Pedrech from Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in London, ON. Participants had the opportunity to learn how to create their own video games and how they can be used as a teaching tool in the classroom.

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November, 2012

Visiting Scholar to Centre for Multiliteracies: Dr. Cheryl McLean, Rutgers Graduate School of Education
Nov. 19-23

ting Learning Lives Workshop - Nov. 7-9
Studies of literacy and learning in general stress the central importance of literacy for learning across the lifespan of individuals and by extension of populations at large. Both concepts and practices are given policy prominence in terms of ‘possibilities’ and ‘futures’.

Yet there is remarkably little research investigating how the potentials claimed by these kinds of formulations play out at an empirical level.

How people living through the emergence of mediatized communications and the development of a life online build on and develop practices inculcated in pre-digital lives are under-theorised in terms of linguistic and competency levels.

Current research interest in situating and contrasting online and ‘real’ world literacy practices, at home and at school, along with analyses of in- non-formal learning (lifewide) experiences also need longer term (life-long) and life-course (biographical) contexts and perspectives.

Developing theories to unify this breadth of research across domains (digital or print etc.) and life perspectives rooted in plausible and innovative, empirical approaches is keenly discussed at national and international levels.

One of the presiding questions of the workshop will be, in what ways does the idea of revisits and of espousing a longitudinal perspective help research in literacy and learning and how might it challenge the status quo in research in our field?

A key component of the research will be to have senior and junior scholars together at the workshop so that established scholars not only benefit from the dialogue and evolving themes, but also graduate students and new faculty members can network, forge ties and think about their own research in relation to longitudinal empirical research in literacy education.

October, 2012
Brock University Faculty of Education Reading Clinic movies to Centre for Multiliteracies - Director: Dr. Mary Saudelli

Rowsell, J. (2013). Working with Multimodality: Learning in a Digital Age. London: Routledge


September 2, 2011
Government funds support Faculty of Education researcher’s digital teaching and learning centre
As part of this fall's Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) national announcement of awards under the Leaders Opportunity Fund, Dr. Jennifer Rowsell was granted $47,005 for the Centre for Multiliteracies.

July 29, 2011
Dr. Jennifer Rowsell, Canada Research Chair in Multiliteracies, is now a Co-Editor of Language & Literacy with Rachel Heydon, Maureen Kendrick, Lynne Wiltse, Shelley Stagg Peterson, Carol Doyle Jones, and Zheng Zhang. Please think about submitting an article to the journal. More information is available on the Journal Website.

Watch for three new publications tied to the Centre:

Schamroth Abrams, S. & Rowsell, J. (2011). Rethinking Identity and Literacy Education in the 21st Century. National Society for the Study of Education Yearbook. Volume 110, Issue 1. New York: Teachers College Press.

Pahl, K. & Rowsell, J. (2011). Major Works in Early Childhood Literacy. London: Sage.

Grenfell, M., Bloome, D., Pahl, K., Rowsell, J. & Street, B (2011). Classroom Language Ethnography: Perspectives From New Literacy Studies and Bourdieusian Sociology. New York: Routledge.

May 30, 2011
New centre focuses on literacy research

May 11, 2011
Centre for Research in Multiliteracies approved by University Senate

May 3, 2011
KNAER Grant funds visit by Dr. Maureen Walsh, World Leader in Multimodality

November 25, 2010
Brock gets $2.9 million to support leading researchers


Past Events

May 26, 2011
Visiting World Leader Maureen Walsh gives talk on multimodality at OISE/University of Toronto

May 28, 2011
Teaching Literacy in New Times – Keynote by Maureen Walsh

June 3-5, 2011
Professor Mary Hamilton, Lancaster University




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