The following Brock Card policies are in place to assist card users and to maintain the integrity of the Brock Card.

Cardholder Agreement
Statements/Account Balances
Lost or Stolen Cards
Disputing Card Charges
Protection of Meal Plans
Brock Card Photos
Proper Care of Brock Card

Cardholder Agreement
The Brock Card is issued to you as part of the items to which you are entitled as a member of the University community, under the following terms and conditions. Please read all terms and conditions as these constitute legal obligations between you and Brock University.

Use and Ownership of the Brock Card
Your Brock Card (ID Card) is non-transferable. It may be used solely by you for the purposes that it was issued. Your Brock Card is the property of Brock University. It may be cancelled or revoked by the University at any time and must be returned to the Brock Card Office upon request.

Lost or Stolen Cards
If your Brock Card is lost or stolen, you must notify the Brock Card Office in order to permit its cancellation or deactivation. Such notification must be made by visiting the Brock Card Office in person or by calling the Brock Card Office at 905 688 5550 x 4770 during office hours. Cardholders can also deactivate their Brock Card 24/7 by visiting https://card.brocku.ca and using the “Deactivate Card” function on the web site. This will prevent others from accessing funds on the card. Until such notification has been received or until your Brock Card has been deactivated, you will be responsible for all use of your Brock Card, whether or not such use is authorized by you. There is a replacement fee for lost or stolen cards. Cardholders are also responsible for replacing all stickers affixed to their cards such as Bus Pass Stickers or Recreation Membership Stickers (replacement fees may apply – please contact the various departments).

Debit Function
You may use your Brock Card as a debit card where accepted, provided funds are available in your account. The Brock Card (ID) is a debit card only and does not provide credit arrangements.
You are responsible for the use of your Brock Card. Debits resulting from your failure to properly utilize the Brock Card are your responsibility as the cardholder. The University is not responsible for any loss, inconvenience, or embarrassment to you or to others arising as a result of lack of funds in your account.

Debiting your Account, Refunds, and Deactivation
The University will debit your account in accordance with transactions authorized through the use of your Brock Card or as permitted under these terms. Refunds on accounts will be made only where the functions of your Brock Card is cancelled or rendered inactive by the Brock Card Office. Refunds on specific purpose accounts are subject to the restrictions applicable on those accounts. Reactivation of Brock Card functions will be allowed only after the replacement fee is paid in full. If your Brock Card has no activity for a period of two (2) years, the same will be deactivated by the University and any balance of funds shall become the property of the University. Cash withdrawals are not allowed.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
The Brock Card Office creates and collects information under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”) for the purposes of producing the official personal identification card for Brock University and for administering all services associated with the Brock Card. Brock Card services include but are not limited to the following:
All services listed in the Brock Card Website
Validation for services (including but not limited to Campus Recreation , examination entrance, Student Health Services, Bus Pass etc.).
Information that is gathered for the above purposes will be protected and used in compliance with FIPPA. Individuals who are applying for a Brock Card acknowledge the above and consent to the collection of personal information, including the digital images used to produce the card.

Information requests about the above should be directed to:
Brock Card
Brock University
Niagara Region
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1
905 688 5550 x4771

Changes to the terms
The University has the right to amend these terms by posting or displaying such amendments in the Brock Card Office and web site, and from the time of such posting or display, you shall be bound by such amendments.

Cardholder's Consent
By accepting a Brock Card, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Cardholder’s Agreement.

All Brock Cards are and remain the property of Brock University.

Brock Card users are fully responsible for any and all purchases made using their Brock Cards. Should your card go into a negative balance, you will be responsible for repaying that balance by reloading your card before the card can be used again.

Students must come in person and provide their BROCK ID number and government issued photo identification i.e.: Drivers’ License, Passport or Canadian Citizenship Card if requesting a new or replacement card. Faculty or Staff requiring a Brock Card must provide a letter of appointment and photo identification i.e.: Drivers’ License, Passport or Canadian Citizenship Card, or another government issued document with your picture and name.

Guest Cards - Upon completion of a Card Request Form by the appropriate sponsoring department, guests requiring a Brock Card must come in person and provide photo identification i.e.: Drivers’ License, Passport or Canadian Citizenship Card, or another government issued document with your picture and name. Guest Brock Card holders must adhere to all rules and regulations associated with the use of the Brock Card. The final line of print on the front of the Brock Card designates the status of the Brock Card holder, e.g. “STUDENT”. “GUEST” designation does NOT classify the holder of the Brock Card as a Brock University member with any Brock University rights or privileges.

Brock Cards are to be used ONLY by the person that they are issued to. If used by anyone else, for any reason, the card may be revoked. This policy is to ensure the personal security of each card holder.

If your Brock Card is not functioning, please bring it to the Brock Card office to be assessed. A charge will apply to all replacements for cards damaged intentionally (by punching a hole in them, folding them, cutting them, etc.), lost cards, or if the card has been defaced.

The purchasing of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products with your Brock Card is strictly prohibited at any location, both on and off campus.

There is a $25 processing fee for any allowable refunds requested. Refunds will be processed by Brock Financial Services during their refund cycle. Please note that funds added to your Brock Card using a credit card cannot be refunded by credit card.

Statements/Account Balances
You can access your Flex Dollars account history and print off interim statements at any time from the Brock Card website at https://card.brocku.ca  (account statement).
Your account balance will also show on receipts from all on and off campus vendors. Note that those with meal plan accounts may see both Meal Plan and Flex Dollars amounts combined.
Meal plan account balances can either be viewed after making purchases at any Brock Dining Services outlet or by visiting the Brock Card office where you can review your meal plan account balance.
Brock Card receipts are also available upon request when using your card to make purchases. Feel free to ask the cashier for a receipt prior to the completion of the transaction. This will enable you to keep track of all of your purchases as well as your current Brock Card balance.
To determine your account balance, you may ask for an account inquiry at any Brock Dining Services location that accepts the Brock Card. Your balance is also displayed on the patron display (sales terminal) at Brock Dining Service locations when you make a purchase at these locations. You may also request your account balance from the Brock Card Office.  Note: Any enquiries or disputing of a charge on your card must be made within one month of the transaction date.

Flex dollar funds can be refunded at any time by completing a refund request form at the Brock Card Office.
Refund requests will be forwarded to Brock’s Finance Department who will review the refund request. If your financial status with the university is such that a refund is approved, a refund cheque will be processed during the regular payment schedule. Refunds may take up to two weeks or more to process. A $25 processing fee will be charged for all refunds requested. Any Flex Dollar funds that are unused will roll over to the next year or they can be refunded (a processing fee will apply). Any unused meal plan dollars will also carry over to the next academic year but will move to a taxable plan that can only be used at Brock Dining Services locations on campus.  Should you leave Brock, any unused meal plan dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Lost/Stolen Cards
If you have lost your card or have reason to believe it was stolen, you can protect your funds by deactivating your card:
• Online 24/7 – https://card.brock.ca (Deactivate Card). This will protect your funds by not allowing purchases while the card is deactivated.
• Call 905 688 5550 x 4770 or visit the Brock Card Office in the Marketplace during business hours for assistance in deactivating and locating your card. You will be held responsible for all transactions prior to card deactivation or notifying the Brock Card Office that your card has been lost/misplaced or stolen. Contact the Brock Card Office to see if your card has been turned in. You may also wish to contact Campus Security as many times cards are also turned in there. To replace a lost or stolen Brock Card, come in person to the Brock Card Office and bring a valid Government issued piece of Photo I.D.
Replacement card fees: currently accepting cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard 
• $25 for those requiring swipe only
• $35 for those requiring proximity access  


Disputing Card Charges
If you have charges you wish to dispute or have concerns about your account activity, please visit the Brock Card Office for assistance with your account.
You have 30 days from the date of the transaction to dispute a charge to your Brock Card, after which the charge will remain.
Cardholders are responsible for all charges made to lost/stolen cards up to the time of loss notification to the Brock Card Office or deactivation online at https://card.brocku.ca (Deactivate Card)

Protection of Meal Plans
Federal and Provincial tax legislation prohibits the use of tax exempt meal plan funds by individuals who are not qualified to receive these benefits.
Meals may be purchased only by the Brock Card holder.
Each transaction the cashier will examine the photo on the Brock Card to ensure that the person making the purchase is the Brock Card holder. In all cases where the cashier suspects that somebody is using a Brock Card other than the cardholder, the cashier must keep the Brock Card and prevent its use.
Fraudulent use of Brock Card funds to purchase food for other people may result in loss of all discount and tax exempt privileges.
The security of a Brock Card remains the cardholder's responsibility. Brock Cards should be treated like a credit or debit card. If a Brock Card is lost or stolen the cardholder is responsible for all charges made to that card until the card is reported lost or stolen. A Brock Card can be reported lost or stolen at the Brock Card office located in the Marketplace, or by calling 905-688-5550 ext. 4770 during business hours. You may also deactivate your card on line at https://card.brocku.ca
Outside of business hours, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to deactivate their card online at https://card.brocku.ca (Deactivate Card) in order to protect funds. Should your card be found contact the Brock Card Office for assistance in reactiving your card. If your card remains lost, visit the Brock Card Office to have a new card issued. Replacement card fees will apply.

Brock Card Photos
The Brock Card is the official identification card for the Brock University. Identification photos must show a clear view of the face with no hats, headbands, or sunglasses. Photos will be taken at the Brock Card Office during the card creation process.

Proper Care of Your Brock Card
Keep your Brock Card in a safe place to keep it from getting scratched. Do not bend your Brock Card as card readers cannot read bent or cracked Brock Cards reliably. 
DO NOT punch a hole in your Brock Card. If the card is rendered inoperable due to a hole punched in the card the applicable replacement fee will apply for a new card.
Your Brock Card is an important piece of Brock University identification, and should be treated as such. Do not lend it out to others.

All Brock Card accounts are in Canadian dollars. All deposits to Brock Card accounts will be in Canadian dollars. We are unable to accept any foreign currency.

Your account and personal information will be kept strictly confidential between the Brock Card Office and Brock University. Outside parties will not be privileged to any information about you, your account or the purchases you have made unless your express consent is received, or we are asked to comply with a government agency or a court order.

Brock Cards are the property of the Brock University. They must be carried at all times and presented to University Officials upon request. Cards are non-transferable and may only be used by the cardholder. Unauthorized use, alteration, or duplication for fraudulent use warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action. Cards become invalid upon termination of affiliation with the University and must be surrendered upon request.