Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Meal Plans are mandatory in traditional residences (DeCew, Lowenberger, Vallee & Earp) with a basic tax-exempt, non-refundable, non-transferable portion of $3,300. This portion must be used by the end of the academic term in April.

Each Meal Plan also includes $300 Flex dollars. This portion will automatically roll over to the next academic year unless a refund is requested. Those leaving Brock or graduating can request a refund of Flex dollars by visiting the Brock Card Office.

Students living in Village or Quarry View residence or off campus also have options for a non-mandatory meal plan. They may choose from one of our standard options geared towards those living in traditional residences OR select a Townhouse Plan for $1700 plus $300.00 Flex dollars. This basic amount is also non-refundable and non-transferable.

*Please note: Those students living in a non-traditional  / off-campus MUST sign up for a Meal Plan by filling out a form at the Brock Card Office.

*Only first year students living in residence get $300 Flex Dollars (all residence students whether Traditional/Non-Traditional).